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TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

Television has come a long way since the days of black and white episodes of ‘I Love Lucy’ aired. Now there are so many options for the average viewer. Between sitcoms, dramas and reality TV how is one person supposed to chose what to watch? I choose to look at the most important thin television shows have to offer, fashion. From Gossip Girl to Gilmore Girls every show has one characters whose Wardrobe we wouldn’t mind borrowing.

1. Petra Solano

Jane The Virgin aired its last episode in 2019, making fans of the show sad and disappointed that there would be no more dramatic story lines to come from the series. The show may have ended, but there is still a reason to re watch the five seasons, Petra Solano’s wardrobe. The anti villain may have caused Jane The Virgin fans some grief over the years, but this TV character knew how to pull off a killer outfit. Starting the show as a trophy wife, Petra turned to a lot of form fitting dresses. However, as her character progressed, so did her wardrobe. As the character started to take control over her career she transformed from the trophy wife into a boss babe. Rocking pant suits that could survive the heat in Florida. Borrowing this TV character’s wardrobe before your first day as a manager would certainly help you start out on the right foot.

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

2. Debbie Eagan

If you haven’t been binge watching Glow, then it is time to start. The TV series is based around a women’s wrestling show in the 1980’s. Featuring hilariously wacky characters such as a wolf woman, a Russian villain and an American hero. All the TV characters on the show have amazing costumes that I would love to steal for Halloween, but Debbie Eagan, also known as Liberty Bell, is by far the best dressed on the show. Although her style would be considered 80’s AF, her color coordinated pant suits and hats are a combination not to be messed with.

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

3. Alexis Rose

Schitt’s Creek is the hilarious riches to rags story of the Rose family losing all of their money and being forced to move to a small town called ‘Schitt’s Creek.’ The show has been on for the past four years and one that hasn’t changed is the fashion choices of Alexis Rose. The spoiled rich heiress may have lost all of her money, but her clothes are still on point. Her bohemian style is filled with fun dresses and dramatic hats. Spending a few hours in her closet before Coachella would be a blessing.

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

4. Tahani Al Jamil

Is the bad place really that bad if you get to keep dressing like Thani Al Jamil? The show ‘The Good Place’ may star the incredibly fashionable Kristen Bell, her character Eleanor falls flat in comparison to billionaire Tahani Al Jamil. The former self obsessed snob can be seen wearing formal gowns, expensive jewelry and stilettos every single day. She treats everyday as if she is walking the red carpet and I love it! The only thing that would be better than going through her closet would be going through her phone. That girl name drops like crazy.

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

5. Miriam Maisel

Everyone is in love with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and there have only been two seasons. If you haven’t watched this show start right now. It is the only reason to subscribe to Amazon Prime. The show is filled with hilarious characters, dramatic story lines and unique costume choices. The show may be based in the 1950’s but the main character Miriam’s fashion is timeless. Miriam’s polished and perfect wardrobe is never complete until she matches her shoes to her purse.

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

6. Emma Swan

I still haven’t forgiven Jennifer Morrison for leaving Once Upon A Team before the show was finished. The show was unable to survive without Emma’s leadership, not to mention I missed seeing her variety of red jackets every week. The show’s story line and characters may have developed over the seven season run Emma Swan’s style never did. If you find something that works for you, work it hard.

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

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7. Jessica Day

I don’t think I even understood what adorable meant until I watched New Girl. Everything about the show was just so darn cute. It was the least offensive thing to ever cross the airways and I loved it. Starting with the main character’s wardrobe. Jessica Day was known for her black glasses and bangs, but her high high-waisted shorts and sun dresses helped make the show the adorable masterpiece we all loved.

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

8. Haley Dunphy

Modern Family gave us ten years of laughs, love and Haley Dunphy outfits. Over the past ten years we have gotten to see Sarah Hyland grow up with the character Haley Dunphy. The oldest Dunphy child has gone through jobs, boyfriends and style changes every season. From bohemian chic to glamorous star, Haley has tried and mastered all of it.

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

9. Caroline Channing

The saddest part of Two Broke Girls being canceled was not getting to see what Caroline Channing would buy once she was rich again. For those of you who didn’t watch the show, Caroline Channing lost all of her money and was forced to wear the same pair of pants for most of the first season. Even though we didn’t get to see a variety of different outfits from this TV character, what we did see was pretty fantastic. Caroline may have been down on her luck, but she knew how to rock beige.

TV Characters Whose Wardrobe We Want To Steal

TV characters can dramatically change the mood of a scene, a story line or our fashion sense. These nine ladies go range from CEO’s with killer heels to broke heiress’s who understand the importance of a sun hat. If they were real who wouldn’t want a chance to snoop through their closet for an hour?

Which TV Character’s wardrobe would you want to steal? Comment below!

Featured image source: Sarah Hyland’s Instagram

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