Turn a Book Into a Phone Charger

How annoying is it to always have to find your phone charger cord when it falls behind your bed… or when you accidentally pull it out of the wall, so you think you’re charging your phone but you’re not… Also it just looks bad to have a bunch of cords laying around. I found this great DIY project that will turn your hardcover books into an iPhone dock, so you won’t have to worry about that little cord again. It is a little time consuming, but the finished products look great.



  • Drill
  • Utility or x-acto knife
  • Binder clip
  • Sharp scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Metal files
  • Hardcover book(s). It can be any book of your choosing
  • iPhone charger


As for the charger, I have not seen a demonstration yet, but I’m certain that this can also be made for an Android charger, you would just have to vary the size of the hole to fit the charger in.

First you’ll want to find a drill bit that is just a little smaller than the actual charger. In order to make sure that the hole isn’t going to be too big, it’s better to start making it too small, so that you can widen it until it is the perfect size. On the book cover, measure the width of the charger, and mark it with your pencil.


Drill two holes, one on either side. You’ll want to drill until you break the cover. This may mean that you will drill through some of the pages, but that doesn’t really matter.


Next you use your knife to cut the middle part out and connect the holes. Again, like I said, it will start out being too small for the actual charger.



Use the metal files now to make the hole slightly bigger. Keep making it bigger until you can finally fit the charger in snugly, and it doesn’t feel too lose, like it will just fall out if you move it slightly.



Now we move on to the inside of the book. If you did drill a hole through some of the pages this will now come in handy. Use them as a guide to draw  the channel where the cord will be. Use your sharpest scissors to cut through the pages, as many as you can at a time. The binder clip can help you to hold back the pages you’ve already cut.

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Once you’ve cut about 40 or 50 pages, start testing out to see how many more pages left until the cord will fit. You want it to be right up against the top cover of the book, so it’s not too loose.


Once you’ve finished cutting the pages, that’s it! You can add a few books to make it look more decorative, and also add support for your iPhone or iPod to lean against. Looks great in a dorm room.



Pictures and inspiration from here.