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Trying To Learn Another Language? These Apps Are Here To Help

Trying To Learn Another Language? These Apps Are Here To Help

If you want to learn another language we know it can be overwhelming at first. But, here are 7 apps that can help make learning another language easy and fun!

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best apps on the market to help you learn another language. You can choose from a variety of languages including Spanish, French, German, Navajo, Latin, High Valyrian, and Hawaiian.

Duolingo breaks learning a language down into categories. The first and only thing unlocked on the learn screen when you choose your language is the introduction section. That way you can build a solid foundation before you go on to learn phrases and verb conjugations.

There are even checkpoints so you can check your learning to unlock more sections. Duolingo is free and gives you the opportunity to upgrade but you don’t gain anything more by doing that just getting rid of ads. If you want to learn another language you should definitely try this app.

Duolingo also has a website that syncs with the app so you can study anywhere and any way you like. Duolingo also switches between having you listen and type what you hear, repeat the phrase on the screen, type out the translation, and choose the correct word order. This way you are getting a good, all-around learning experience.

Trying To Learn Another Language? These Apps Are Here To Help

2. Mondly

Another app to check out if you want to learn another language is Mondly. It is a free app, but if you want to learn more than one language you have to upgrade.

Mondly has around 30 different languages to choose from including Greek, Ukrainian, Hindi, Norwegian, and Dutch. As soon as you choose the language you want to learn it will ask you your skill level. You can choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This way you can get the most out of learning another language.

Mondly offers short daily lessons to keep you learning as well as having different points on the screen to choose what category you want to learn next. You can learn in whatever order makes sense to you. These categories include seasons, family, travel, core vocabulary, etc.

Trying To Learn Another Language? These Apps Are Here To Help

3. Drops

Drops are a cool and simple way to learn another language. Its colorful design will pull you in and put you at ease while learning a new language. Drops is also a free app, but the free version only allows you to study for 5 minutes a day. But, studies show that short bursts of studying are one of the best ways to learn another language!

Like most apps that help you learn another language, drops is separated into categories. You can choose which category you want to start with. Drops uses a fun layout and study system to help maximize your learning. There is matching, spelling, seeing if the picture on the card is the same as the word underneath, etc.

Trying To Learn Another Language? These Apps Are Here To Help

4. Forever Fluent

Forever fluent is a great tool to learn another language and a great app for the forever learner. Forever fluent not only helps build vocabulary but also helps you hear the differences in sounds between your native language and the language you are learning.

Forever fluent is a free app in the store but after that, you have a 14-day free trial then you have to choose an upgrade option.

Forever fluent lets you add a picture to each vocabulary card in order to personalize it for what your learning needs.

This app also has short video lessons that give you an overview of different topics when learning your chosen language. They even show you how you should form your mouth and where your tongue should touch inside your mouth to create the correct sound.

Trying To Learn Another Language? These Apps Are Here To Help

5. Busuu

To learn another language, you need to have some discipline in order to stick with it. Busuu allows you to choose what type of learner you are from casual to serious. Busuu breaks up your learning into lessons instead of categories.

This allows you to build on what you just learn and create a solid foundation for future learning.

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Busuu has around 10-15 languages to choose from as well. Busuu is a free app in the store, but you have the option to upgrade it if you want to be a more serious language learner.

You can even go back and review words you have learned and Busuu will separate them into words you are weak in, moderately good in, and strong in.

Trying To Learn Another Language? These Apps Are Here To Help

6. The ASL App

If you want to learn another language, ASL is a great choice. I am learning ASL right now and it is so fun and also challenging creating that perfect balance. The ASL app, show you how to correctly sign words and common phrases. It has about 6 categories unlocked when you get the free version, and you have to buy the other categories in order to study them, but it is a great tool.

The ASL App is made by Deaf people for anyone who wants to learn! The bundles that come free are the alphabet, numbers, universal gestures, handshape exercises, the basics, and colors. Other things like food, moods, family signs are bundles you would have to buy. But it’s a great place to start and a great way to get learning!

Trying To Learn Another Language? These Apps Are Here To Help

7. Scripts

If you want to learn Korean, Chinese or Japenese try scripts! Being able to write a language is a big part when you learn another language. Scripts help you to master writing Korean, Chinese, and Japenese characters right on your phone!

You can even use this app to learn how to write characters from other languages like Russian, Hindi, or even English ABCs. If you want to learn another language and want to be able to write the language you are learning Scripts is a great way to meet your goals!

Trying To Learn Another Language? These Apps Are Here To Help

We hope these apps help you achieve your goals when it comes to being able to learn another language! Let us know in the comments below how it went!

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