Trying Hot Yoga For The First Time And What To Expect

Trying Hot Yoga For The First Time And What To Expect

One of the things that made a major change in the way I live is hot yoga. However, going into the heated 90 degrees room can be very intimidating for a newbie. Here are some things to expect before going into your first class.

1. Hot Yoga is HOT

It’s in the name: HOT yoga. If you’re expecting to leave the class sweat-free, you should change your expectations (unless you magically don’t sweat). If the studio has set up the room correctly, you should walk in and already feel the heat. Don’t be scared though hot yoga is hot for a reason: to help relax your muscles. Just remember to bring a good sized water bottle to stay hydrated. If you have somewhere you need to be after the class, use the studio/gym showers and bring a dry change of clothing.

Trying Hot Yoga For The First Time And What To Expect

2. You Don’t Need To Be Bendy

You are most likely going to be doing a hot yoga class with other students in it, and there is always miss/mister bendy somewhere in the room making you feel like you aren’t doing it right. If you’re doing a pose, and you aren’t in pain, then you are doing it right. It doesn’t matter if your leg is above your head, you just need to make yourself comfortable to make the pose work. A lot of yoga instructors give alternate ways to do a yoga pose. Listen to your instructor explaining how to get into the pose, and if you’re still confused or stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help whether from the instructor or a yoga assistant that is in the room.

3. What You Wear Is Important

Just like with any other workout, you need to wear something comfortable that lets you move freely. With hot yoga, find athletic clothing that has good sweat absorption and can be washed a lot, because you will be washing your hot yoga attire a lot. Tighter fitting clothing is also suggested because loose clothing can get in the way when you’re doing the poses. It’s annoying going upside down and then having your shirt fall and block your face. My go-to hot yoga outfit is simple: a sports bra and athletic leggings.

Trying Hot Yoga For The First Time And What To Expect

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4. It Can Be Pricey

If you enjoy your first class, you will definitely want to go back. Whether it’s at a gym with hot yoga or a hot yoga studio itself, the price for taking multiple classes can add up. Make sure to see if the place has a free first class offer or a beginner membership deal. Once that deal is done, don’t be afraid to discuss with the studio owner how you can move on, a lot of studios have different plans based on the person whether they’re a student, senior… and also based on how many times the student comes in to practice.

5. Don’t Force Anything

This is probably the best rule to use in hot yoga. Although it is a workout, hot yoga is to help you get relaxed, and when you’re forcing your body to do something it can’t do, then you can seriously hurt yourself. Not only is forcing poses something you should avoid but forcing yourself to stay can be dangerous. If it gets too hot, don’t be afraid to sip some of your water and go into a resting pose or just step out of the room to cool down. Safety= Relaxation.

Trying Hot Yoga For The First Time And What To Expect

With enough time and practice, your body will start to get used to hot yoga and eventually will do things you didn’t know it could do. You want to have fun and relax, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to listen to your body and keep it safe. Comment down below how your first hot yoga experience went.

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