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Try These Sex Tips To Keep Sending Chills Down Your Spine In Bed

Try These Sex Tips To Keep Sending Chills Down Your Spine In Bed

Sex tips can be helpful despite your relationship or sex life, anyone can use the tips! Whether you like it rough, every day, or after a hard day at work, (excuse the cliche), we have tips for every style. Everyone’s preference is different, but it shouldn’t be impossible to keep sending chills down your spine in bed. Let’s get started with 10 sex tips! 

1. Keep It Hot 

What I find works best to keep your relationship steamy, is to talk dirty during the day, over text, or whenever works for you and your partner. We all are busy, stressed, and sometimes we just forget about the different ways we can improve our sex lives. Talkin’ dirty may not be encouraged if you are at work, but sneak a few texts here and there and who needs to know? Thinking of ripping off his or her clothes is half the fun. 

Try These Sex Tips To Keep Sending Chills Down Your Spine In Bed

2. Switch It Up 

One of the best ways to keep your sex life vibrant is to avoid falling into a routine. Routines for some can be an essential way to ground them and keep them on track, but when it comes to your sex life, a routine can be mundane and predictable. The key here is to switch it up, don’t always have sex in your room, his room, etc. Hey, maybe this weekend you try sex on the beach, or sex in your car? Seriously, though, a hotel room never killed anyone either! 

Try These Sex Tips To Keep Sending Chills Down Your Spine In Bed

3. Know Him (Or Her) 

One of the best sex tips is to fully know your partner in bed. Nothing can hurt from this, it will only intensify the intimacy between you two and bring you guys closer. Even if you do know your partner pretty well, it can’t hurt to openly express what you do want, or what you don’t want. Even something as simple as adjusting your posture can really make a difference. Knowing your partner is the first step to mastering your sex life, from all angles. 

Try These Sex Tips To Keep Sending Chills Down Your Spine In Bed

4. Get Wet 

Lube may not have entered your mind, but hey, it really does wonders. I know it seems so try-hard, but don’t knock it until you try it, seriously. When it comes to sex tips, we all have different tastes, likes, and dislikes, but something as small as buying this can really make a huge difference! Besides, buying lube is under $10, and the bottle will last you at least 4 months. If you use it sparingly, wink-wink!

5. Biting

One of the best sex tips is gentle, playful biting. This one is a classic, and it isn’t going anywhere. Gently nibbling on your partner’s lip is a gentle sign of love and lust, and it makes for a huge turn on. Even if you are on top and you lean down to gently bite his ear, that works the same way, if not better! Lip and ear-biting is such a gentle but sexy tactic to entice him, show your affection, and keep the sex steaming. Try These Sex Tips To Keep Sending Chills Down Your Spine In Bed

6. Morning 

Good morning, and there is morning wood. HA, seriously, there is something completely different about having sex in the morning, as opposed to any other time in the day. Most of us aren’t up for it when we first wake up, and everyone’s libido is different. Trust me, this one just feels a little different. Grab your coffee first, though, because you’ll need it. 

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Try These Sex Tips To Keep Sending Chills Down Your Spine In Bed

7. Don’t Rush 

In many cases, men often orgasm too quickly. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. During sex, it is important to savor every moment, and even if he does orgasm too quickly, there’s always next time. But hey, it isn’t uncommon for men to orgasm fast, and try switching positions during the middle of intercourse if that does happen. Taking a pause can sometimes ease the intensity and therefore extend his duration!

8. Communicate 

This may seem a little out of context, but when it comes to sex tips, it is really important to thoroughly communicate. Get to know what he likes, and maybe he doesn’t like his neck kissed, (for example). The point being, you can never communicate too much when it comes to a relationship or sex. After all, sex is one of the most intimate things you can do with another person. It’s your body, and you have full control over what you do with it! 

9. Branch Out 

One of the best sex tips is to avoid repeating the same sex positions over and over. Of course, we all love the classics, and that is ok, but branching out now and again never hurt, either. For instance, positions like reverse cowgirl are usually left forgotten, and why? Those positions give him a great look at your butt and leave the girl in full control. Branching out and expanding your sex positions is the best way to keep your sex life vibrant, healthy, and lustful. 

10. It’s All About Foreplay 

One of the best things about sex is that it is really a 2 part show. Half of the fun is in the foreplay, and that leaves our partner with quite the task: getting and keeping us aroused. It may not be for everyone, but I suggest positions like 69, where both of you can get yours at the exact same time, leading up to sex. Just an idea, but everyone has different tastes. When it comes to sex tips, sometimes the best tips are hiding in plain sight. Get in bed, and get busy, because foreplay is the best appetizer. 

Sex is a part of every healthy relationship and serves a pretty important role. With that in mind, there is always room for improvement. I hope everyone enjoyed my article, and I hope this helps give you some ideas for the bedroom. Comment below which tip you’ll be using, or which tip was your favorite! Thank you so much, everyone, for reading and I hope you all enjoyed it!

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