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5 Truths I Learned In High School

5 Truths I Learned In High School

There are a lot of things about high school that are exaggerated, like it being the best four years of your life. These are the 5 truths I learned!

Prior to my life as a full time high school student, everyone around me made a big fuss about what high school would be like, and the things that I would experience. I explicitly remember a number of individuals telling me that high school would be the four best years of my life- and that was a lie, but some of the things that they prophesied was true. These are the 5 truths that I learned throughout my high school experience!

1. Procrastination is not your friend.

In middle school, life was a lot easier. I could push work off until the very last second and still get it done on time, maintaining an ‘A’, as well as my sanity. At that point in my life, procrastination was one of my closest friends. Procrastination was there when I decided I wanted to succeed in school while still having a social life. In middle school, procrastination was always there, it was like Clyde and I was Bonnie, but as soon I stepped my foot over the threshold of freshman year the roles flipped. He stabbed me in the back becoming the Brutus to my Caesar.  Did I learn from this? Of course not. Multiple times throughout my four years, I’ve found myself clinging to procrastination’s side only to be lead into a land of unhappiness and despair.

2. A majority of my time would be dedicated to school.

Since procrastination was out of the question, I wasn’t surprised when I was told that the majority of my time would be devoted to school- which proved to be true. Over the past four years, I would say about all of my time has been devoted to school. There is no time set aside for a social life. There is no time set aside for work.


Trying to juggle school with day to day life is the most tiring thing in the world, there’s just not enough hours in the day. Every 24 hour day is the same: Wake up. School. Work. Homework. 3 hours of sleep. Repeat. It gets old and tiring. Someone should consider changing the days to 48 hours instead of 24. Or not, they would just extend school hours and make my life 2 times the stress.

3. Senioritis is so real.

Before I even got to high school I knew it would be stressful, but when I was told about senioritis I wasn’t too convinced until this dreadful year. Senioritis is the worst thing that could have ever happened to me this year. Senioritis has been the source of the majority of my stress this year. It’s been a cycle.

Senioritis has caused me to become a very unmotivated individual, resulting in procrastination. Procrastination leads to my grades dropping, resulting in me panicking and having breakdowns only to do everything at the very last minute. Once I get everything done and turned in at the very last minute, I take one breath of relief just to repeat the never ending cycle. It’s a terrible thing, juniors beware.


4. You meet some amazing people.

Even though high school hasn’t been the best four years of my life like everyone has told me it would be, it hasn’t been the worst. My cousin once told me that I would meet some of the best people during these four years and that has been true. Most of those people have been teachers and a few have been friends. Over the span of these four years I have met some amazing people that have taught me life lessons that I will never forget.

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5. You learn some life lessons.

Through one teacher’s class I have learned more than just the basic fundamentals. Through this class I have discovered my passion and have had time to hone in on it and better perfect it. I’ve had a taste of my future and what I hope it will consist of. I have learned unforgettable lessons about life and taking advantage of the opportunities that life presents me. This class and teacher has honestly been the best thing that could have happened to me these past four years. When I was down, this class has been a pick me up and for that I am forever grateful.


In conclusion, high school will not be the best four years of your life, nor the worst. It will be stressful, but it is a great learning experience. It’s four years that should not be taken for granted.

Do you have anything else that you learned to be true in high school!? Share in the comments below!

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