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10 Truths Behind Sorority Recruitment At The University Of Alabama

10 Truths Behind Sorority Recruitment At The University Of Alabama

Are you thinking about sorority recruitment at The University of Alabama? If so, we compiled a list about the truth behind the recruitment process to help!

Warning: this article is not about blonde and bronzed sorority girls jumping up and down, screaming about how much they love each other and Delta Nu, the most amazing and totally awesome sorority on the row, like omigod! No, this is the real truth behind sorority recruitment at The University of Alabama. It is the behind the scenes look at how the active members of sororities feel as they are putting on rush, and what they go through.

1. You can barely contain your excitement leading up to work week.

Thinking about seeing your best friends makes you so happy you could cry. You have been away from each other for three months and you can’t wait to squeeze them and hear all about their summer. Work week sounds like a blast, and why wouldn’t it. You get to spend time with your sisters, while preparing to welcome in the newest pledge class.


2. Workweek starts and you realize it’s not all that you cracked it up to be.

The hours are long, and the last thing you want to be doing is singing the door song yet again. Why would they do this to you? Why? The song and movements are already ingrained in your long term memory so why do you have to do it eight hundred times in a day? Dear god why?

3. As you prepare for the first day of rush you are so excited, you can’t wait to talk to the PNMs and wear your adorable ice water teas dress.

It’s all so new and exciting, you’ve never been on this side of rush before and you can’t wait to experience it. You have been preparing for this moment all year and you’re ready to get started, bring in the freshmen!



4. Your quads are on fire, your feet hurt, you’re hungry, tired, and feel like crying all at the same time.

At this point you just want to be put out of your misery. Anyone have an advil, or maybe a spare hole you can crawl into? You have now been standing in heels for 12 hours straight, bouncing, singing, and trying to look like you are not in excruciating pain all while promoting your sorority. Did I mention you have to look like an angel fallen from heaven just to grace the PNMs with your gorgeous presence through all of this?


5. You seem to be having the same scripted conversations over and over again.

With the exception of your rush crush, who you have totally hit it off with, your conversations have been less than unique. Your brain goes into autopilot mode and you realize you have been telling the same story for three consecutive parties to three consecutive PNMs. Oops.


6. You’re face hurts from smiling so much.

It has never been an issue before but now, you realize smiling is actually painful. All you want to do is frown for a bit just so your face muscles can relax but your next party is starting soon, so time to cue those dazzling pearly whites again. You start to wonder if your face will be stuck like this forever.

7. You’re drinking unnatural amounts of caffeine.

Sleep? Who needs sleep when you have caffeine? Coffee is your survival kit, and without it you would melt like the wicked witch of the west. You haven’t slept for more than two hours in two weeks but who cares? Coffee is love, coffee is life.


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8. You’ve never eaten so many mints in your life.

Before every party you eat a breath mint, because you are drinking copious amounts of coffee and who wants to talk to a girl with coffee breath? It feels like the lining in your stomach is being slowly torn apart, but it’s no big deal. You’re eating an insane amount of mints and drinking a certifiable amount of coffee, and not to mention you haven’t eaten anything but a granola bar today. Rush is almost over and you’re on the home stretch, after that you don’t have to look at wintergreen Altoids ever again.



9. By the end of pref you sound like a man, have 7 layers of makeup on your face, and have crispy hair.

You were glowing at the beginning of rush but now you just look plain scary. Your voice is completely shot, and your hair is falling out from curling it too much. You also don’t think your skin will ever breathe again because the layers of makeup are suffocating it. At this point your feet are so numb you forget you have legs. You are continuing to smile but all you can think about is bid day and trying not to mentally breakdown.


10. Waking up on bid day is like waking up on Christmas in August.

Bid day is finally here, all your hard work has paid off and all of the sweat and tears is all worth it because you got a bomb pledge class. You can’t wait to meet your new little and take lots of sweaty pictures with her on the lawn. You are about to gain hundreds of new sisters, and can’t wait to go through recruitment with them all over again next year.

What has your experience been like with sorority recruitment at The University of Alabama? Comment below and share the article!
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