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How to Care For Premium Denim: Featuring True Religion

How to Care For Premium Denim: Featuring True Religion

Los Angeles-based True Religion Brand Jeans elevates jeans to the level of a fashion statement. Its emphasis on premium denim is the center of the label, and its hand-sanded vintage washes, signature seams, and iconic label solidifies the brand as a stand alone force in the over saturated denim market. The jeans are handmade in America, are extremely flattering and come in a variety of signature styles. Investing in designer jeans requires some extra thought (you may want to leave the wide-leg, bell-bottom, or very trendy styles to a cheaper brand and splurge on a more classic style), and it’s reassuring to know that True Religion jeans are superbly durable and are specially constructed to last, and can even look better as they age. The denim styles are meticulously and individually crafted through special washing processes and techniques.

What I love about the True Religion website is that you can watch videos of models walking in different jeans so you can get a better idea of what they look like! Also, they offer free shipping and returns which almost simulates being able to try before you buy. However, it’s important that you like the way it looks, feels, and fits; but most importantly, jeans should be comfortable. True Religion jeans tend to be 100% cotton so they do shrink, remember that you can always take them in so it is best that they do not run too short. We have all experienced the annoyance of clothes shrinking in the wash, but this may elevate to shock and horror and perhaps letting some profanities slip if it happens to your $200+ jeans.


1) First, read the label!

Premium jeans use expensive dyes and fabrics so you can’t treat them the way you’d treat the sweats you wear to the gym. They place more emphasis on construction and sometimes need a different sort of care-especially if there are embellishments on the back pockets, for example. However, If a tag says “dry clean only,” there actually may be some wiggle room. and

2) Get as many wears in between washes as possible.

Taking care of your designer jeans is very important for extending its life and keeping them looking great year after year. You can wear jeans numerous times with different outfits before throwing them in the wash…If you were to wear them for a few months straight I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. Honestly, every time you wash your jeans you are shortening the life of the denim.

3) Hand wash whenever possible.

Like many other people my age, I don’t have the money to spend on dry cleaning, and why should we if there are viable alternatives? The best option is to hand wash them, just mix some laundry detergent with cold water in your sink and make sure your jeans absorb the soapy solution. You don’t even have to scrub, just gently stir up the water a bit then rinse a few times so that all of the soap is gone. If you must throw them in the wash, turn your pants inside out (to prevent fading) and set it on a gentle setting on cold.


4) Avoid the dryer.

I’d recommend avoiding the dryer, but if you’re short on time you can dry them for a bit to get most of the moisture out then hang them to air-dry. and

5) Recycle your old pairs.

If (knock on wood) your jeans do shrink to that awkward length of too-short-to-be-pants and too-long-to-look-like-they-were supposed-to-be-like-that, you may want to consider cropping them into shorts. If they are light to medium-wash, you can look into experimenting with fraying and distressing the edges, and if they are a dark wash you may want to lean towards keeping them streamlined and polished. There are plenty of DIY tutorials on how to do that, just keep in mind that it’s better to cut off too little than too much so err on the side of caution.

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