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10 True Crime Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Listening to the same albums and songs over and over again can be boring, but you need something to listen to on your morning commute or during your treadmill workout! We definitely have to recommend podcasts to amp up your listening. If you are a lover of mystery and the unknown, then we know that you will love a good true crime podcast that will send shivers through your spine! Here are 10 true crime podcasts you need to listen to!

1. Up and Vanished by Payne Lindsey

Season one of this true crime podcast investigates the mysterious disappearance of Georgia teacher, Tara Grinstead. We won’t spoil the podcast for you, but this is definitely one that you are going to want to listen to in the daylight and all the way through. 

Season two of Up and Vanished investigates a case in Colorado of a missing woman, Kristal Reisinger who mysteriously disappeared during a full moon drum circle. You can listen to these two seasons of Up and Vanished wherever you stream and listen to podcasts!

2. Dr. Death by Laura Bell

When we are feeling ill and visit the doctor with a problem, we have complete trust that our doctor knows best because of their years of training. Right? This was not the case with Christopher Duntch and Farid Fada who were both convicted of malpractice in their surgeries and treatments. 

The true crime podcast seasons tell the stories of patients who were victims of their malpractice and how this continues to affect their lives. A TV series is currently in the works based on the occurrences and the podcast that is said to premiere later this year!

3. The Orange Tree by Hayley Butler and Tinu Thomas

On your college campuses, it might seem like you are in your own little bubble and nothing bad can happen. This is far from the truth as told in this true crime podcast, ‘The Orange Tree.’ At the University of Texas, a terrible event had occurred in 2005 that resulted in the death of a female student. 

The victim’s body was found at the Orange Tree condos in West Austin and would change the lives of those involved forever. The two hosts are students at UT and bring about the conversation surrounding this case and what it means for both Austin, Texas, and the university. 

4. Fake Heiress by BBC

If you are a documentary watcher, you probably tuned into the Netflix documentary that told the twisted story of Anna Delveyn or Anna Sorokin and how she conned her way into the high society of New York City. Anna had everyone fooled that she was a multi-millionaire in order to fit into the social group she was around in New York.

The reality of it was that she had no money and that maxing out credit cards and loans left and right. This true crime podcast will have you invested in what happens to Anna and her circle of friends.

5. Crime Junkie by Ashley Flowers

A huge true crime podcast fan will absolutely know this podcast and the beloved hosts, Ashley and Brit. In each episode, Ashley and Brit will take you through the details of infamous cases in our country that have been both solved and unsolved.

Ashley will explain the detail of the case while Brit will ask the questions that we are all asking ourselves on the other end of the podcast. From murders to kidnapping and mysterious disappearances, the possibilities are endless with this true crime podcast and you will be completely invested in each story that is told! 

6. Unjust and Unsolved by Maggie Freleng

Every week, true crime podcast host Maggie Freleng tells the story of accused, arrested, and convicted people but the twist of their stories is that it wasn’t them. In partnership with The Innocence Project, the true crime podcast brings awareness to innocent people being locked away for crimes they did not commit.

The host tells the details about the crimes that these people were accused of which now are unsolved. In order to bring justice to these people and their families, Maggie interviews lawyers, families, and friends to tell the stories. 

7. The Officer’s Wife by Brendan Keefe and Jessica Knoll

The devasting death and case of Jessica Boynton have been investigated by Brendan Keefe for years as he tells the stories and details of what happened. Jessica’s husband, Officer Matthew Boynton called 911 for backup as he heard gunshots from inside his home. Jessica’s body is found and it is ruled as a suicide. Of course, this is not the case, and secrets are unfolded and the truth eventually comes out in this true crime podcast.

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8. Radio Rental by Terry Carnation

Remember Dwight Shrute from The Office? He has returned to play the character of Terry Carnation in this spooky podcast as the host. You will be welcomed into his rental store where you will be given the opportunity to listen to stories told by other listeners.

The thing about these stories is that they are all mysterious occurrences that happened to other listeners and have little to no explanation for why it happened. This true crime will have you looking over your shoulder as you get to relive these stories with their storytellers.

9. My Favorite Murder by Karen Kilagraff and Georgia Hardstark

Another cult classic, this true crime podcast is loved by all true crime fans and podcast lovers. With light humor to tell all the facts about notorious murders and others that you have never heard of, you will be entertained with this podcast.

For over 5 years, this podcast has built a large gathering of fans known as the muderinos and published a how-to guide to help you stay alive. The very first episode of this podcast visits the popular case of Jon Benet Ramsey and the Golden State Killer which will surely draw in any true crime fans! 

10. Women and Crime by Meghan Sacks and Amy Sholsberg

Every two weeks, a new episode drops to tell the stories of women and crime. Whether a crime committed by a woman, a crime committed to a woman, or anything in between, these two professors tell about women’s role in crime and violence. 

Which true crime podcast sounds the most intriguing to you? Are there any that you are loving that didn’t make the list? Share them with us in the comments below!

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