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10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

Instagram is an extremely popular social media website that people use for posting/sharing photos and videos for your followers (and other users who don’t follow you but happen to scroll upon your posts) to like, view, and comment on. 

Besides sharing beautiful, eye-catching, and memorable photos and/or videos on the social media site, Instagram is also a great for posting and/or finding hilarious posts and accounts. Funny Instagram accounts typically post content (both photos and videos) of humorous and satirical memes, screenshots (of anything hilarious), fake things (quotes and texts for example), photoshopped images and/or videos; parody videos, and much more.

Instagram accounts mainly featuring such content as stated above are worth following to not only make you laugh out loud but to also put you in a better mood. If you have days where you feel really down, just pop onto Instagram on your phone and scroll through the posts from these funny accounts so you can turn your frown upside down! 

Are you in need of some suggestions for which Instagram accounts to follow the purpose of a good laugh? If the answer is yes, listed down below are 10 Troll Instagram Accounts That You Need To Follow ASAP:

1. Comments By Celebs (@commentsbycelebs):

Followers: 1.3 million (As of October 2019)

The brand Comments By Celebs has gained its popularity mostly through Instagram (they also have Facebook and Twitter accounts. On its Instagram Account, @commentsbycelebs complies a collection of various social media interactions between celebrities, the majority of which are light-hearted and hilarious, while at the same time attempting to humanize them. However, there have been a view posts on the page that featured social media interactions between celebrities and fans (some of which are clap backs). 

Besides its main page @commentsbycelebs, the brand as several other Instagram accounts which all feature social media interactions between celebrities, depending on the specific theme of the page. The other specifically-themed Instagram Accounts run by Comments By Celebs are @commentsbybravo, @commentsbyathletes, and @commentsbybachelor.

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

2. Gary Janetti (@garyjanetti):

Followers: 846k (As of October 2019)

For those who follow the British Royal Family, @garyjanetti is an Instagram account that you should be following! The majority of the content posted on Gary Janetti’s, who is an American writer and producer in Hollywood, Instagram page is of Prince George Memes. Janetti portrays a satirical characterization of the third in line in the order of the British Succession and his imagined and savage/catty responses to various photos and news stories about Meghan Markle and other members of the British Royal Family. 

Janetti’s witty and savage posts about Prince George have received international media attention. In addition, his Instagram page has gained quite a cult following as several well-known celebrities follow and comment on Janetti’s posts. Such celebrities include Lisa Rinna, Andy Cohen, Jenna Dewan, and Kelly Ripa, to name a few.

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

3. Overheard LA (@overheardla):

Followers: 1.4 million (As of October 2019)

@overheardla is the original Instagram Account of the brand Overheard. The account was created in 2015 by its owner, Jesse Margolis, right away after he happened to overhear a stereotypically LA conversation while at a health store.

Overhear conversations posted on @overheardla are funny and savage. This Instagram account encourages submissions and one can do so by emailing them to or via a DM. 

Like Comments By Celebs (See #1 above), the brand has a couple of other Instagram Accounts which all feature stereotypical conversations  one would overhear in other cities/settings. The other Instagram Accounts run by Overheard are @OverheardLondon, @OverheardNewYork, @SanFrancisco, and @Overheard University. 

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

4. Original Football Quotes (@originalfootballquotes):

Followers: 32.8k (As of October 2019)

For all you soccer fans reading this article right now, you have to follow @originalfootballquotes on Instagram! The account, which has been active on Instagram since December 4th, 2018, posts fake quotes from Active and/or Retired Professional Soccer Players and Managers (and sometimes from Media Commentators, in addition to children and/or spouses of the players and coaches) about certain events that occur on-and-off the pitch. These fake quotes are original and hilarious if you understand the references and keep up with all the events happening on-and-off the pitch. 

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

5. Betches (@betches):

Followers: 6.7 million (As of October 2019)

Betches is one of several funny Instagram accounts on this list whose content is all about millennial humor. However, Betches has more of a noticeable feminine flare in all of their posts.

This Instagram Account collects posts from Twitter and around the internet which capture things that all young females experience the thoughts running through their heads, but don’t have the confidence to say them out loud. These posts will have females laughing out loud as they relate to them. Besides its Instagram Account, Betches also its own website, store, podcasts, and books. 

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

6. Nori’s Black Book (@norisblackbook):

Followers: 683k (As of October 2019)

For those of you reading this article who keep up with the Kardashians on various social media sites, you probably have heard of the Instagram account @norisblackbook. It’s essentially a parody Instagram Account that allows its followers to keep up with a fictionalized version of North West, the eldest of Kim Kardashian’s and Kayne West’s four children.

All of the captions for the pictures and videos posted on this Instagram account, the account’s creator, provides her hilarious yet shady and savage commentary on everything that the members of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan’s antics/shenanigans from the perspective of North West. 

Various celebrities including Emma Roberts and Paris Hilton, actually follow the parody Instagram account. In fact, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kris Jenner not only follow this Instagram account, but also have liked, commented, and reposted from @norisblackbook as well! Be sure to follow @norisblackbook on Instagram if you want a great laugh from “North West”. 

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

7. DJ Meechy Meech (@djmeechymeech):

Followers: 929k (As of October 2019)

The Miami-based Hip-Hop DJ, whose real name is Mitchell Conley, is well-known across social media for his viral voice-over sports-related videos. All of his videos cover major events/highlights of games, press conferences, and/or any significant event during the off-season.

While the majority of Conley’s videos are about events happening in the NBA (regardless if the league is in season or not), he has done some videos about events happing in the NFL, Pro Soccer, and the UFC, to name a few. All of his voice-overs for all the athletes are hilarious. If any sports fans out there need a good laugh, @djmeechymeech is an Instagram Account to follow for sure. 

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8. Daquan (@daquan):

Followers: 13.1 million (As of October 2019)

Created in 2014 by Canadian Daquan Geese, the content posted on this Instagram account is mostly centered on memes and/or Twitter screenshots about sports, pop culture, childhood nostalgia, family life, TV Shows/Movies, and any other topics that the majority of millennials are either interested and/or can relate too. According to @daquan ‘s Instagram Bio, the account claims that they are “posting the funniest content from across the web.” This claim is 100 percent accurate, so be sure to give @daquan a follow on Instagram!

9. Texts From Your Ex (@textsfromyourex):

Followers: 2.6 million (As of October 2019)

Another hilarious account to definitely follow on Instagram is @textsfromyourex. It posts screenshots of REAL texts that people get from their REAL exes. Screenshots featured on this Instagram account range from cringe-worthy to 2 am drunk texts to something random, to name a few kinds of text messages. Although @textsfromyourex has been on Instagram for a while, it’s still one of the best and funniest accounts to follow in 2019, given its 2.6 million followers. 

This Instagram account encourages submissions from people. If you want to submit any of your most cringe, funny, random, and/or awkward messages from any of your exes, email those screenshots to and follow this account to see if any of your screenshots make it.

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

10. The Bachelor Banter (@thebachelorbanter):

Followers: 38.8k (As of October 2019)

There are several accounts dedicated to The Bachelor Franchise out there which fans and even former contestants and series leads (from both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette) follow on Instagram. These accounts range from opinions to fan pages to memes, to hilarious content, to name a few. @thebachelorbanter is one of these said accounts that members of Bachelor Nation should definitely be following on Instagram.

@thebachelorbanter has been active on Instagram since April 24th, 2018 and posts screenshots of interactions between former Bachelor Franchise contestants and/or series leads. Screenshots of interactions between former Bachelor Franchise Alums and fans have been featured on @thebachelorbanter as well. These interactions are comments on Instagram and/or responses to tweets. While the majority of them are quite funny and will leave you in a fit of laughter, other screenshot posts of social media interactions can be dramatic, clap-backs (fans involved in most of these cases), and/or drama-filled. 

10 Troll Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

From the funny Instagram Accounts listed above, which ones are you most likely going to follow on Instagram? Let us know which ones down below in the comments section!

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