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I Tried The No Poo Method And This Is What Happened

I Tried The No Poo Method And This Is What Happened

First of all, I’m not one to back down from a challenge. All-nighters? Easy. Backpacking up mountains? No big. Going without shampoo for ten days? Let’s go. Many people have said the no poo method is better for your scalp because chemicals in shampoo can cause irritation to your scalp and halt growth. My hairstylist says that you should drop $6 on shampoo and $30 on conditioner. What I am trying to say here is that there’s some solid evidence that shampoo is not so good for your hair – so of course, I was up for the challenge. Most women that I know who have tried the no poo method never go back to buying shampoo…ever again. My story is a little different.

Day 1

Things are good. I did an intense stair stepper workout for 45 minutes followed by a leg circuit with squats and lunges. Sweat was involved. I got in the shower, rinsed my hair with conditioner, cleaned off my body, and watched my fake tan fade away. Note to self: go get another tan.


Day 2

Things still going well. Hit the gym and did a core circuit with a 2 mile run. Finished in a new record time (nothing to do with the story, just proud). Twenty five minutes in the sauna and I’m feeling good, drenched in sweat. Went home, showered, rinsed with conditioner and felt good.



Day 3

Date tonight, along with lots of business interviews and friendship time. Wanted my hair to look good after my workout so I put my normal products in it and curled my hair to look awesome. The products definitely made it feel weird, but I enjoyed my day.

Day 4

No change. Hair still feels weird, but very bouncy. Fun to play with. Showered in record time thanks to the no poo method (you save a surprisingly large amount of time by eliminating the shampoo process).


Day 5

Holy S%#! I have never felt so itchy. I must have lice. It’s because of that stupid sombrero I wore at my friend’s birthday, right? Nope. It is because I an idiot and didn’t scrub. Note to self: no matter what, you have to scrub your scalp when in the shower. For some reason, not using shampoo made me think that I don’t have to follow the basic rules of hygiene.

Day 6

Showered and SCRUBBED myself, using only my conditioner. Went about my day with normalcy and did my hair so it looked amazing and had plenty of product in it.

Day 7

Oh lord, what have I done to deserve this itch? What is wrong with me? I would give someone my rundown car to take this itch away. I want to cry. I should buy fake nails to help with this itch. OH MY GOD! I have lice! No, I don’t. Thanks to the nurse and my knowledge of lice (lice is much easier to get when you have freshly washed hair, so there’s another reason to jump on the no poo method bandwagon). I spent the whole day making my friends uncomfortable by scratching my head vigorously.



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Day 8

What is wrong with me? Other people do this? I’ve read articles about how women go without shampoo and never go back? Why am I not cool? I’m yelling at my hands for wanting to scratch. People must see the discomfort in my body.


Day 9

Feeling okay, showered (no shampoo, obviously) and seeing a friend who is a hairstylist. She takes one look at my hair and says “what is that?” She feels through my head and gives me some advice. Because my hair is so chemically treated and has been put through the ringer with the products I use, I cannot be one of the special people that does not use shampoo.

Day 10

Used shampoo, I feel great and it’s wonderful. Even though my hair isn’t as bouncy as I wish it was, it feels much better. It feels clean…finally.

I had a great time trying out the no poo method. I had fun discovering how my body accepts (or in this case – rejects) certain things, and though I have many friends that do this method, it did not work out for me

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