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5 Tricks To Have The Most Productive Study Day EVER

5 Tricks To Have The Most Productive Study Day EVER

Whether you’re studying for exams or finishing a last-minute assignment, having a productive study day is always a challenge. With so many distractions tempting you to procrastinate it can be so easy to spend a day at your desk without really getting any work done. Here are 5 easy tricks to make the most of your study day and get your best grades yet! 

1. Forget About Your Phone

Your phone is definitely the biggest obstacle to productive studying. With your phone sitting on your desk, you can’t resist reaching to check one message, and suddenly you’ve scrolled through Instagram and an hour has passed. To make the most out of your study day, stay away from your phone! Try using focus apps such as Flora which allow you to measure your focused, screen-free time by growing virtual trees which will die if you go on your phone before your focus period has ended. As well as saving you from the distraction of your phone, focus apps allow you to see exactly how long you’ve been focused for, making your study day not only productive but much more rewarding. 


2. Start Early, Finish Early

Early mornings are not the most appealing for many of us, but as much as I love a lie-in, I know that I am always more productive in the early morning.  Setting an early alarm means you can get all of your studying done in the morning, giving you the afternoon to look forward to relaxing! 

3. Make a Schedule…And Stick To It! 

Starting a study day without a timetable or to-do list can feel aimless – how can you be productive if you don’t know what work you’re going to be doing? The first thing you should be doing on a study day (or the night before) is making a list of all the tasks you hope to achieve before the end of the day. Make note of the task and how much time you think it will take, then use this to make a schedule for the day that is as detailed as possible. This will help to keep on track and stop you from wasting time deciding what to do next, disrupting your workflow. 


Remember, be realistic; only write down what you really think you can finish in the time you have! If you plan too much you’ll end up feeling stressed and overwhelmed which will really limit your productivity. 

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4. Take Small and Often Breaks 

The key to having the most productive study day is not trying to work for hours on end without taking a break. Sitting on your laptop for 3 hours straight on the same task will leave you feeling tired, distracted and completely unproductive. Try to work in shorter blocks, taking small breaks between them. Use your study breaks to switch off and relax, whether that’s going to the gym, making a snack, or watching Netflix, do something that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to start your next task. 

5. Find Your Study Space

Finding the best place to study can be difficult. Some of us like to work in a quiet place, but for others, the silence of the library can make it difficult to focus. Try out different spaces to study, like coffee shops, libraries or your own bedroom, and once you’ve found your place, stick to it! Working in the same environment gives more structure to your study day and you can start to associate that place with productive work. If you choose to study in your bedroom try to sit at your desk or on the floor rather than in bed – this will make you feel lazy and much less productive!  


Studying can be a daunting task, but by following these 5 tricks, you can really make the most out of your study day and be at your most productive! 

Got more tips to have your most productive study day? Comment below how you keep focused! 

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