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10 Trendy Ways To Wear Your Classy Blazer This Fall

Blazers are becoming a closet-staple for many due to its versatility and ability to add class to any outfit. This fall, you can easily look trendy by wearing your classy blazer in these 10 ways! 

1. With an all-black outfit

This classic look is amazing for those days where you have no idea what to wear, despite the huge pile of clothes on your bedroom floor. It’s safe, trendy, and chic which never goes out of style. You can instantly appear put-together without even trying hard for this look! To add another element to this outfit, pair with a black belt to accent your shape.

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2. Wear a colorful blazer

While plaid and neutral-colored blazers are most common to have, you can also opt for a colored blazer in order to add that pop of color to your outfit. Warmer colors like red or burnt orange are perfect to wear especially during the fall season. If you keep your shoes and whatever’s underneath your blazer relatively neutral, your blazer could really stand out and receive the attention it deserves!

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3. With your favorite t-shirt and jeans

Who said blazers were only for the office? You can stay on trend by wearing your blazer over your favorite casual staple: a t-shirt and jeans. This look is perfect for a regular day out, while also achieving an appearance of actually caring about what you wore that day. It’s timeless and comfortable, making it the go-to for many fashion-lovers these days!

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4. With your rain boots

It’s not a secret that fall can bring some serious showers, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for weather efficiency. Blazers can easily be in the same outfit as your rain boots, such as the maroon heeled boots featured in the look below. Make sure you prioritize staying dry this season!

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5. Over a turtleneck

Fall is when it starts to get a little chilly outside which is why pairing your blazer with a turtleneck is the best combination. You can probably even carry this look over into winter, if it isn’t too chilly for a thicker coat. While you might not own a bright red turtleneck, you can easily wear your blazer over any neutral one you’ve already loved. 

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6. A monochrome moment

This look is for those of you who have the same shade of any neutral color in multiple pieces within your closet. To pull off monochrome, you’d need to piece together an outfit with the same or similar shades as each other. In the featured look below, the differences between the grey shirt, pants, and blazer can only be seen through their textures, also contrasting with the stark black belt which perfectly accents the waist. 

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7. With bike shorts

Go from running errands to running at the gym with this outfit! If you’re brave, you can try pulling off this look of wearing a blazer over some bike shorts which delivers athleisure with a twist. It certainly helps to wear neutral colors with your blazer to keep you looking classy! Bike shorts are becoming every girl’s go-to for comfort and flexibility in warmer weather. Who knows, maybe this unlikely pair will soon become your go-to outfit!

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8. With your most loved sneakers

Your dressy blazer can be dressed down for more casual occasions by pairing it together with some sneakers! A perfect outfit comfortable enough for a casual day of walking around and looking put together, a blazer and sneakers can also be worn with leggings, as featured in the example below. 

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9. With an equally-fancy dress

It isn’t a surprise that nice dresses and nice blazers are a great match. For a fancy night out at a classy restaurant or club, you can opt to wear your blazer over a beautiful cocktail dress. Your blazer can also keep you warm throughout chilly nights during the fall. Pair with thigh-high boots for a more fall vibe.

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10. With its matching skirt

You can never go wrong with pairing your blazer with its other half! Wearing a blazer with the same patterned skirt easily gives you a put-together, boss vibe that’s perfect for more formal office wear or a special occasion. 

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Which trendy way to wear your blazer was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hayley Heramia

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