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10 Trendy Room Decorations

10 Trendy Room Decorations

Heading into the warmer seasons Spring and Summer, it would be the best time to think of how to make the light shine through your window. When you move into your bedroom, the first thing you think of is what to place in it besides a bed and dresser. Whether you find yourself wanting to repaint the walls or wanting to change up furniture, you can’t go wrong with trying something new. Think of a theme or style you wish to presume. How would you make the room look as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as possible? With that said, here are ten trendy room decorations that you will surely keep. 

1. Going For the Black and White Theme

If you already have a plain white room, there is nothing wrong with adding darker hues such as black or gray. To add a splash of color, you may even consider a favorite color such as purple, blue, or red. 

Typically, such colors would give a vintage vibe. With such elegance, the room can also have a touch of contemporary living. Feel free to add a rug and/or frame to complement the room’s appearance. Pertaining to lifestyle, this theme may even persuade you to live lavishly and fashionably. 

*10 Trendy Room Decorations


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*10 Trendy Room Decorations

2. Adding a Plant to the Room

If you like plants and flowers, adding such to your decoration can provide soothing nature to the room. Indoor plants such as the Bromeliad  or Begonia flower can help with adding color to the room if you choose a minimalist outlook. 

Plants not only provide appearance, but they can be symbolic and special to have around.  For example, the Begonia flower which comes in different colors can denote meaning. As such, a red Begonia could send passion and love your way. 


3. Rose Gold Accents

With color being a main focus to bedroom decoration and a sense of style, rose gold has been the most liked hue in 2019. Whether you have rose gold colored bed sheets, or a desk full of rose gold stationary items, this color will not disappoint. 

Pink can be a radiant color and this hue in particular can brighten someone’s mood. There is no such thing as having too much pink when it is surrounded by grays and whites. If the design and colors blend well together, rose gold will not disappoint.*10 Trendy Room Decorations

Get the look: 

*10 Trendy Room Decorations


4. Red and Gray Theme

Having two dark tones, one brighter than the other, these two colors are as good as black and gold tones together. If you want to create a more serious decoration and emphasize class and maturity, this theme could be for you. Crimson red is a beautiful medium shade of red.

The color will make one’s engage. Gray sets a cooler tone and mutual mood. While it is known for its depressing context, clashing with crimson red will create a balance in the room. For example, you could have gray painted walls and a variety of red and neutral toned items in the room. 

5. Geometric Patterns

If plain white walls bring bored unamused thoughts, what you can easily go for are geometric patterns and shapes. Adding wallpaper to the room can present your spontaneity to others. A mix and match in patterns and plain backgrounds would be great as well. 

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Geometric patterns on walls could show that you are not afraid to be different. Topping it off with favorite colors and accessories that clash can create a fun and welcoming aura. 

6. String Lights

As the night sky darkens, there is a chance that your room will be pitch black as well. Tired of boring table and floor lamps? Lighting can be just as trendy as any other decoration, Try using string lights as an alternative. 

String lights provide some ray of light without the gloomy dim in one corner of the room or blinding the entire perimeter. Recent ways to use strings lights include hanging them on the ceiling, against walls, or having them overlap on the headboard. 

7. Floating Shelves

If you have trendy or urban items to display such as frames or small homemade vases, why not use floating shelves. Instead of the old dusty bookshelf, floating shelves are in. They provide the most minimalist outcome will not showcase clutter. Floating shelves as a decorative will show others that you know how to make your room look like a work of art. Imagine them as gallery pieces done by you. 


8. Mounted Shoe Rack

Much like the floating shelves, mounted shoe racks can present your love for shoes without the hint of obsession. These shoe racks can be placed on doors or extra spaces on the wall. Depending whether the material is wooden or metal, they will surely impress your friends. They help you say “Check out my shoe collection!” without you even saying a word. 

9. Pastel Colors

When you think of pastel colors, you think of Easter or perhaps a child’s bedroom. Pastel colors can actually be cool for any age (if you know how to work around it). Express your love for cute heartwarming pastel colors by decorating your desk with baby blue office supplies or cover your windows with blush pink curtains. The choice is yours. Remember that your youth can be awakened and embraced with pastel colors. Have a little fun with them. 

10. Flower Decoration

When it comes to cooler seasons, an indoor plant or two can give the home some zen. In spring and summer, show your loving side, add some flowers such as sunflowers and roses. If you are to use flowers as part as your decor, the technique is to blend with the theme. For example, red roses are a sign of class and elegance. Tulips on the other hand may show your sweet and side personality, but you also aren’t afraid to have fun. 

Which idea do you like best? Are there more that you would like to suggest? Comment down below!

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