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10 Trendy Purses To Look Out For This Year

10 Trendy Purses To Look Out For This Year

There are many different styles of purses for every aesthetic. But, finding the perfect bag for your wardrobe can be challenge. Here are 10 trendy purses to keep your eye out for this year:

1. Tote Bags

Not only are tote bags functional, but they are super cute and fun. Tote bags can be personalized to fit any wardrobe. They are so versatile and have a plethora of space for all the essentials. They can be used as an everyday purse or a cute bag for school/work. Tote bags can be purchased by small businesses on various online websites such as Depop or Etsy. But, there are also plenty of tote bags in retail store at local malls and shopping centers. Tote bags are an effortless and timeless piece. Pair your favorite tote bag with some cute sneakers and comfy jeans for a fun casual outfit.

2. Baguette Bags

Baguette bags are super trendy and chic. Their sleek silhouette and unique design is perfect for a minimalist wardrobe. Baguette bags are ideal for a night out with friends or a day of shopping at the mall. The shoulder bag style makes it easy to carry around while still looking cute and stylish. Brands such as H & M and Urban Outfitters have their own unique styles of baguette bags for every style. Pair a baguette bag with a sleek dress and heels for a formal and professional look.


10 Trendy Purses To Look Out For This Year

3. Mini Bags

Although not very spacious, mini bags are the perfect statement piece any wardrobe. They are not the most functional of all the trendy purses, but they are cute and funky. Their unique design and fun silhouette spices up any outfit. Mini bags may be tiny, but they have enough room to carry the essentials such as lip balm or a wallet. They are perfect for a night out when you may need a little bit of space to carry your go-to essentials. Brands like Zara and Fashion Nova have a large variety of cute mini bags for any closet. Pair a mini bag with a cute mini dress and tall boots for a groovy look.

4. Shoulder Bags

The shoulder bag style has always been trendy, but lately this silhouette is everywhere. There are a plethora of different sizes and colors of shoulder bags for any style or aesthetic. The shoulder bag style is back in the spotlight thanks to the recent Y2K trends. There are a variety of different brands who have designed their own take on the Y2K shoulder bag style, such as Coach and Kate Spade. Pair your favorite shoulder bag with a comfy pair of jeans and cozy sweater for the perfect casual look.


5. Camera Bag

The camera bag style of purse is a new and innovative take on a generic camera bag. Inspired by the functional camera bag used by photographers, camera bag styles are unique and fun. With a wide strap and plenty of room for essentials, this style is perfect for every wardrobe. Brands like Coach and Michael Kors have constructed their own unique styles of a camera bag purse. This style is so cute and trendy for any casual outfit. Pair your favorite camera bag with a cute maxi skirt and crop top for the perfect casual outfit.

10 Trendy Purses To Look Out For This Year

6. Belt Bags

Belt bags are not only a trendy purse, but they are also functional and useful. Belt bags are perfect for traveling, hiking, or any outdoor activities. Brands like Lululemon Athletica and Patagonia craft the perfect belt bags for those who are always on the go. With quick and easy access to all your essentials, belt bags are a necessity for every wardrobe. There are so many ways to style your favorite belt bag. Pair your go-to belt bag with a cozy sweatshirt and leggings for a comfortable outfit.


7. Fuzzy Bags

One of the most trendy purses at the moment are fuzzy bags. This funky and unique style of purse is perfect for any quirky wardrobe. Influenced by the recent trendy Y2K style, fuzzy purses are perfect for any Y2K inspired outfit. Brand such as Urban Outfitters and Unif have designed their own unique fuzzy bags for every aesthetic. With so many different colors and prints, there is a perfect style of purses for every wardrobe. Pair with a cute sweater and low-rise jeans for a Y2K inspired outfit.

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8. Quilted Bags

Quilted bags are a cute and trendy style for any closet. The cozy and fun design is essential for every closet. There are a variety of quilted bags ranging from shoulder bags to duffel bags. There is a perfect quilted bag for any wardrobe. Target brands such as Universal Thread and Wild Fable offer cute and affordable quilted bags for any wardrobe. For a fun minimalist outfit, pair a cute quilted bag with your favorite maxi dress and heels. Keep an eye out for this fun trendy purse this upcoming year.


10 Trendy Purses To Look Out For This Year

9. Puffer Bags

Similar to the trendy puffer coat, puffer bags are perfect for any winter and spring wardrobe. Many designer brands have created their own unique puffer bag styles. But, stores like H&M and Urban Outfitters are creating their own versions of this unique style. The funky design is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their outfits. Pair your favorite puffer coat or vest with a fun puffer bag for a unique and cozy outfit.

10. Denim Bags

The Y2K denim trend is coming back into the fashion scene. There are a ton of trendy purses inspired by Y2K fashion and denim bags are one of the most popular. With the denim on denim trend returning to the fashion world, denim bags are ideal for any denim outfit. There are a large variety of denim bags for every style and aesthetic. Pair your favorite denim bag with jeans and a denim jacket for a nostalgic Y2K look.


There are so many trendy purses to look out for this upcoming year. What is your favorite trendy purse style? Comment your opinions down below!