10 Trendy Nail Styles For the Summer

Summertime means putting away the black and maroon nail polish and breaking out the neon pinks and holographic nail polishes. These 10 trendy nail styles for the summer will give you the inspiration you’ve been missing.

1. Daisies

Nothing says summer more than a field of daisies. This trendy nail design will carry that sunshine vibe with you throughout your day with bright yellow polish and daisy accented nails. Pick any shade of yellow from bright neon to mustard yellow. The brighter the shade of yellow, the bolder the statement. Daisies are the perfect choice for a summer flower but you can definitely substitute it for a sunflower or peony.

2. Neon Ombre

Neon colors are always a trend for the summer. Neon hot pink is a beautiful color against sun kissed skin and Caribbean blue pool water. The ombre style has been extremely popular this past year. This nail design is an effortless look with a slash of neon to keep it trendy. It simply screams summertime.

3. Sheer Milky Pink

Nude nails are always a classic go-to. Spice up your classic nude nails with a sheer milky pink polish on either long acrylics or short manicured nails. This nail trend goes perfectly with every outfit, giving you the freedom to express yourself more through clothes. These nails go with every OOTD so you don’t have to worry about them clashing.

4. Under the Stars

This starry look gives off a dreamer vibe that is perfect for summer nights. The sun seeping into our skin during the day isn’t the only thing to look forward to this summer. 75 degree nights are perfect for wrapping up in a blanket and sitting under the stars with your significant other. This nail trend embodies those nights under the stars. The nude pink polish provides a simple backdrop to pass as work appropriate during the day.

5. Dried Flower Nails

One of the coolest trends for nails this year is placing actual dried flowers on top of the acrylic and encasing them in a layer of clear gel. This bohemian trend gives off Woodstock 1969 vibes with the use of organic ingredients like dried flowers. The exposed nail has a natural look to keep these nails breezy and trendy.

6. Beach Theme

Summer is all about visiting the beach. If you live near a beach you might show up at least a dozen times from June to August. However, if you aren’t able to stick your feet in the sand, you can most certainly live at the beach through your nails. This trend is simply fun and usually only seen during the summer. You wouldn’t dare grasp a pumpkin spiced latte in the fall with beach themed nails. Choose oceanic blues like teal or navy blue and contrast that with stark white polish to create a clean crisp beach theme. Shapes like starfish, seashells, anchors, and waves help bring the beach image to life.

7. Pastel Tips

Pastel tipped nails is a subtle summer trend. French tips are classy, but the pastel color is a nice change to the normal neon colors during the summer. You can choose one pastel color like lavender to make it a uniform look. To create a more unique look, pick five different pastel colors for each nail like lavender, soft pink, baby blue, light yellow and light green.

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8. Neon Tips

Neon tips are the epitome of summertime. If you see a person with neon tips usually, they are ready to party at any moment’s notice. Painting the whole nail a neon shade can be a bit aggressive at times. That’s why just painting the tip a neon color can keep the look at bay. The French tip style has been phased out for a few years but now it is finally making a comeback but with an edge. This neon French tip is just enough edge for the summer.

9. Flame Nails

Every late 90s and early 2000s baby is obsessed with the fashion trends we grew up with circling back. The angsty flame decoration from the early 2000s has taken shape again for the summer. As we know, neon is the signature summer color, so to do the flames justice, incorporating neon is a must. This uber trendy nail design is sure to gain a ton of compliments and bring back old memories.

10. Patriotic Nails

Lastly, the signature patriotic nail has to be a part of this list. With holidays scattered through summer like Memorial Day kicking it off, 4thof July and Labor Day ending it all, there are so many opportunities to rock these patriotic nails. It’s pretty typical to get the basic red, white, and blue multicolored nails or flag imprinted nails but this style is something never done before. Leave the nail bare and decorate it with blue and red matte stars. This unique design takes patriotic nails to a whole new level.

Don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous with your nail choices this summer! Check out these 10 trendy nail styles to brighten up your summer. Which trendy nail styles are you planning on rocking this summer? Comment down below.

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Kristina Vasquez

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