15 Trendy Fall Outfits For Work

Fall is one of the best seasons when it comes to fashion. Knee-high boots, tights, and fuzzy coats, all the things we love. However, when it comes to work there is a certain standard that is set in order to dress “professionally” but dressing professionally doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice dressing cute. Here are some ideas for trendy fall outfits for work throughout the fall.

1. Accessorize With A Poncho

One way you can accessorize throughout the fall is with a poncho, or large scarf to wear as a shawl. A poncho can be the perfect statement with any outfit and is perfect for the fall. You can easily dress it up or down, with heels or with jeans and flats, it’s up to you! Some good ponchos for the fall include plaid, black, or neutral tones.

2. Rust Colored Pants

Rust is the color of fall, not quite red and not quite orange, just like the leaves this color is perfect for the fall season. Investing in some rust-colored pants is wise, as you can wear them each year because they’ll never go out of style.


3. Work the Blazer

I would highly recommend investing in a good blazer. Some good blazers for fall include neutral tones, black, plaid, or burgundy. These blazers will not only keep you warm but look incredibly stylish. You can pair a blazer with pants, or a dress, for the same effortless chic look.

4. Patterned Skirt

Another must-have article of clothing is a nice maxi skirt, which is both professional, and stylish. Animal prints are the style of the year and there are so many cute skirts that you could get that can easily be tailored for work with a sweater and heels.

5. Tights

Tights are an important part of the fall wardrobe, especially when dressing for work. If you want to wear a skirt or dress, and you don’t feel it’s long enough, or you’re just plain cold, I would recommend wearing tights. Tights can make any outfit look more professional and are therefore an important asset to your closet. You can even get colored tights if you’re looking to make more of a statement with your look!


6. Turtleneck Sweater

A turtleneck sweater is a huge necessity when it comes to your fall wardrobe. Not to mention, they’re incredibly comfortable. You can team a turtleneck sweater with pants, and tuck it into your pants, or wear it with a nice flowy skirt and you’re set! Some believe that turtleneck sweaters aren’t flattering, but I have to say the opposite is true, and they’re a classic look. This is a look you can wear every year, no matter how the styles change.

7. Knee High Boots

Another absolute necessity for the fall season, knee-high boots. You can wear knee-high boots with almost anything and it will make you look instantly fashionable. Knee-high boots look good with leggings, jeans, straight pants, dresses, and skirts, literally anything, I dare you. Investing in a good pair of knee-high boots that you can wear each fall will not only make you look fashionable but gives you a timeless look.

8. A Statement Top

An overlooked aspect of the fall wardrobe is a good statement top. While sweaters might seem more comfortable, a good statement top will definitely set you apart from the rest. A top with flowy sleeves or shoulder detail is perfect for the fall and can turn a casual outfit into a professional one. I would definitely recommend having at least a couple of these on hand.


9. Jeans, Jeans, Jeans!

Jeans are a staple for every season. Especially during the fall, you’re going to need a nice pair of jeans. The best part about jeans is that there are so many different kinds of jeans that you are guaranteed to find a good pair. They also come in practically every color so personalization is easy. Some colors that I would recommend for fall include blue, black, red, burgundy, and olive. These ones just happen to look the best with the majority of fall outfits. Plus, with jeans you can get callouts, flare, straight, cuffed, or mom jeans, making sure that they are the perfect fit for your body.

10. Leather Pants

Leather pants can be perfect for a night out, or a day at the office. Leather pants are a great way to spruce up your outfit while still staying warm. Leather pants, when partnered with a sweater or collared shirt, are perfect for work! Some people never buy leather pants because they assume that they’ll be uncomfortable but really, they aren’t. You can easily find a pair of comfortable leather pants, some of which are even lined on the inside with cotton or fuzz to keep you warm.

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11. Pleated Pants

While pleated pants might not seem like the most fashionable option, they can easily be made stylish depending on what you wear them with. A good pantsuit is nice throughout the fall season because it is not only warm but effortlessly chic. Plus, you can easily dress up a pantsuit with heels and a statement belt.

12. Maxi Dress

A good maxi dress can be professional and extremely comfortable. Maxi dresses are nice because there is only one step to getting dressed, and you don’t sacrifice any style. You can easily find a nice maxi dress that is appropriate and fits in perfectly with your fall style.

13. A Scarf

Of course, you’re going to need a scarf, it’s fall! A nice scarf can accompany any outfit and turn it into a trendy one. Plaid scarves are perfect for fall, you can also find ones in neutral tones. I would recommend getting a large scarf that will not only keep you warm but is big enough to accompany your outfit.


14. Hats!

Even if you don’t wear hats the rest of the year, throughout the fall, hats are the perfect accessory to any outfit. They not only will keep your head warm, but they’re an easy way to make a fashionable statement. I would recommend staying away from beanies and tight hats on your way to work if you’re worried about messing up your hair, but a wide-brimmed hat can be nice in the fall going to and from work, and out on breaks of course

15. Belts

You don’t need a Gucci belt to be fashionable, there are so many other belts out there that make the perfect statement and can make any outfit more dramatic. Belts are also something that you can wear year-round so they make a good investment. Belts can look good cinched around a sweater, to accessorize a skirt, or even just with your favorite jeans!

Fall is one of the best seasons when it comes to fashion, so go ahead and enjoy it! Hopefully, this list, along with photo inspiration, can give you some good ideas when it comes to your fall outfits for work.

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