Trendy Coachella Looks That Are Desert Approved

Coachella looks are a big part of the festival. As we all know, Coachella is one of the biggest fashion events of the year. People search far and wide for outfits that will appease the masses and gain them hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram. But it can be hard to find the perfect outfit these days. It not only has to be in style, but also be comfortable enough to wear during those long days trudging around the large grounds at Coachella. Here are some trendy desert approved looks that will be perfect for Coachella 2020 if you happen to be going!

1. Bohemian Style Outfit

If you are in the desert, you know you will need an outfit that is easy to walk around in, has enough breeze to keep you cool, and also be fashionable enough to keep up with the crowd around you. Enter, bohemian style. It is fun, easy to pull together, and definitely desert approved.

Trendy Desert Approved Looks Perfect For Coachella 2020

2. Crop-top And Shorts

Might seem a bit simple, but add a bit of fringe and you have got yourself a Coachella worthy outfit. You’ve got to realize that the desert isn’t the place to wear your sweaters and boots. In order to survive the heat this Coachella season, throwing on some shorts and a crop-top could be your salvation. Throw on a sun-hat and some boots and you have got yourself a killer look!

Trendy Desert Approved Looks Perfect For Coachella 2020

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must if you’re planning on venturing out into the desert. Remember, while Coachella should be nice and sunny, there will also be an abundance of sand everywhere. And what better way to combat all that sand from getting in your eyes than throwing on a pair of trendy sunglasses? Not only are they handy, but they’ll add onto any outfit you choose to bring to Coachella. And the bigger the sunglasses, the better!

Trendy Dessert Looks Perfect For Coachella 2020

4. A Sheer Outfit

A completely sheer outfit is perfect for Coachella 2020. It is light, easy to put on and adjust, and will ensure that you stay nice and cool this summer.

Trendy Dessert Approved Outfits Perfect For Coachella 2020

5. Bikinis

Did I mention it is going to be hot this summer? Because it will be, especially in the dry desert heat. Coachella is one of the many music festivals you can get away with wearing a bikini top and… well, not much else. Which is perfectly acceptable when it is nearly one-thousand degrees outside! Bikini tops will always be in fashion, especially if they’re black and tiny. Add on a pair of biker shorts and you have got yourself a hot outfit. Figuratively speaking, of course!

Trendy Desert Looks Perfect For Coachella 2020

6. Mini Dresses

The shorter, the better. Dresses at Coachella will never go out of style, but short mini dresses are some of the most fashionable pieces of clothing out there. Not only do they compliment all body types, but they are super easy to wear and move around in. Especially if you plan on wearing them in the hot summer heat! Add a bit of sparkle to them and you’ve got yourself a dress worthy of Coachella.

Trendy Dessert Looks Perfect For Coachella 2020

7. T-shirt And Shorts

I know, I know. It seems too simple. You’re thinking, “I can’t wear the same outfit I usually go grocery shopping in.” Well, frankly, yes you can, especially if you shorten that graphic tee of yours into a somewhat loose crop-top. It’s grungy, comfortable to wear, and will make it seem like you spend days prepping what to wear for Coachella but in reality simply grabbed a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Did I mention this outfit is comfortable? The last thing you want at Coachella is to be pulling and tugging and adjusting your outfit all day when you could just be living your life and listening to your favorite artists. Add some sunglasses and a fanny-pack to your look and you’re ready to go!

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Trendy Desert Looks Perfect For Coachella 2020

8. Cargo Pants

Have you ever seen Tomb Raider? Or even Kim Possible, for that matter? Because I know both of those gals trudged through the desert at some point in cargo pants, and looked good doing it. Cargo pants are both trendy and conducive to battling the sandy desert this season, especially if you plan on running around each stage making sure you see each artist that will be playing there this year. Cargo pants are extraordinarily easy to pair with any tank-top or bikini top and still look and feel sexy.

9. Cover-ups

While it may be hypocritical for me to say “show as much skin as possible” then tell you to bring a cover-up, but trust me, it’s not to hide your skin. It’s to keep you warm when the sun goes down. You’d be surprised how easily the temperature goes down in the desert. One minute, you are basking in the sun eagerly awaiting that fresh new tan, and the next thing you know you’re searching wildly around for anything that’ll keep you nice and toasty. That, and paired with the right outfit, cover-ups pretty dang adorable. Especially if you have one that flows in the wind. Nothing makes you feel more like royalty than a flowing robe.

10. Crystal Sequins

For those of you willing to go all the way for Coachella 2020, than I’d highly suggest rocking one of these crystal sequin tank-tops and skirts. See-through clothing is all the rage these days, especially in a hot, dry environment such as the desert. Not only will this outfit keep you cool, but it will also turn heads in the best way possible. As far as I’m concerned, Coachella is about taking fashion risks that you will look back on and be proud that you could pull off an outfit such as this one.

Trendy Desert Approved Looks Perfect For Coachella 2020

What did you think of these Coachella looks? Do you have any Coachella looks of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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