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8 Trendy Art Pieces That Should Be In Your Apartment

8 Trendy Art Pieces That Should Be In Your Apartment

Finally moving out of your parents house is a breath of fresh air for a multitude of reasons. One of the funnest though, is getting to decorate that place any way that you want and no one can say anything because it’s yours. When decorating, you need to keep in mind some art pieces that have come to shine recently and can add some pizzaz to your new place. Making sure that your apartment is unapologetically yours and meets your needs will ensure that the space you are now living in will provide you peace and happiness.

1. Twisted Candles

Twisted candles became a new trend and I must say they are so sick. They are the type of candles that you can keep as decoration forever or burn and buy new ones. Whatever you decide, these candles will vamp up your apartment. What’s super cool about these small art pieces is that there are videos on how to make your own. So, if one day you are out and see packages of candle sticks, do not hesitate to pick them up! Creating something that you can proudly display in your living space gives one of the best feelings of satisfaction. The best part is when someone asks where it’s from and you get to proudly say that you are the one that made it. It truly does not get better than that. So, if you someone figure out the trick to bending candles to get the desired shape you want, display those bad boys proudly. They will do nothing other than benefit your living space.


2. Minimalist Art

Minimalist art pieces are truthfully so beautiful. It looks so effortless when in reality it is so complicated. Minimalist paintings, canvases, etc. can give your apartment a chic modern feel to it. The single line drawing to the minimalist art is so special and so appreciated. The best part is that you can find pieces that explicitly show you what it is, or you can find pieces of the art that make you think. This type of art is so special because it truly is up to the viewers discretion on how they want to interpret it. Everyone can have a different view on the same art piece which brings people together and start conversation. Minimalist art pieces should be included at least once in your apartment because it is one of the most satisfying things to look at.

3. Vintage Art

Another great way to decorate your place is finding vintage art. Going to antique stores, thrift stores, or even garage sales gives you the opportunity to find unique art pieces. The process of finding a piece of vintage art is what makes it so special. You can have an idea of what art pieces you want in the area but not exactly what you want so the hunt to find something that is utterly perfect makes it so much sweeter. There’s always a sense of unknown behind vintage art as well because you don’t know exactly where it came from. You can try to google or ask the person selling it but ultimately you will never have exact information. It makes it so much fun to talk about and look at because everyone can come up with their own story or idea of the art and it will remain special to them always.


4. Chairs

When you think of chairs, the first thing that does not come to mind is art. However, they are so unique. Especially if you need that one accent chair that completes the room. They can be pieces of art based on the pattern, shape, size, where it’s from. There’s so much that can go in to just one piece of furniture that can complete a room. A chair is so necessary in any room but the thought behind it makes it so special.

5. Glass Art

Glass art is so cool especially if you begin to think about how it’s made. The time and skill it takes to make just one piece of glass art gives a sense of appreciation that is not given to just any piece of art. When looking for pieces of glass art, you can have many factors that come in to play. It could be beautiful hand blown vases, pieces of sea glass you’ve found yourself, candle holders, you name it. They are so unique in their own way. One of the best places to find glass art is local markets or art shows. Most of the time you meet the artist or someone who knows the artist so you get a connection to the art piece you are buying. Glass art can look so effortless when in reality that small piece of art you have on your coffee table could’ve taken someone an entire day to make.


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6. Sculptures

Sculptures are also beautiful pieces of art that should be included in someone’s home. Sculptures are right up there with pieces of glass art. If you are buying locally from an artist than you know that time and thought went in to making that single piece of art that is going to liven up your home. They can be placed almost anywhere and can spark any conversation which is what makes them so cool.


7. Rugs

Rugs are amazing. Plain and simple. You can never go wrong with a rug because it’s nice to sink your feet in to a rug after a long day. Rugs come in a multitude of patterns and materials which is what makes them unique pieces of art. Especially if you find one at a yard sale or antique store, it gives it a new meaning and background story. The initial thought of a rug isn’t “art” but, the patterns and colors that go in to make your rug is what makes it a piece of art that should be in any room in your home.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors are a necessity for any home. They are effortless pieces of art that can pull together any room. You can never have too many mirrors in one place because they are all unique. Or, you can get multiple mirrors to make one giant piece of art. Whatever mirror you decide on, it will make your room feel official. A mirror can either be the finishing touch or the entire center piece of the room.


What pieces of art do you think should be in everyone’s apartment? Comment below!