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30 Trendy Apartment Decor Ideas To Copy

Shopping for an apartment can be a fun experience. If it’s your first apartment ever, you may want to splurge on everything you find at Wayfair to make it the perfect place you imagined it to look like. You also may find that looking through interior design magazines and watching home makeover shows has become a lot cooler now that you are decorating your own apartment. There’s also a ton of trends out there that it seems everyone is doing when it comes to incorporating the best apartment decor into your living space. Here’s 30 trendy apartment decor ideas to copy!

1. Fake Plants

Without a doubt, it seems like hanging fake plants in your house has become so popular. It somehow makes your space look cool, while bringing some outdoorsy vibes into your home. While you may not want to put a fake hanging plant next to your desk or in your bedroom at all, adding a plant hanging in your kitchen can make a nice add-on to your everyday kitchen. In most kitchens in smaller apartments, there really isn’t much decorating going on. You can’t really take up a ton of counter space by putting candles or wine bottles on there (you need that limited space for making dinner, of course). But, you can definitely hang a fake plant from your nearby window in your kitchen to add bring some warmth from the outdoors into your home. You can also take on the trend of hanging fake plants in your bathroom, if you the space to do so.

2. Letter Board

Goodbye welcome mats, hello letter boards. Now, when you walk into someone’s house, you may notice they have letter boards. A letter board is an easy, simple way of basically being a welcome mat, but you won’t wipe your dirty shoes on it. It can say something as basic as “welcome to our home!” or you can say really what ever you want on it. You can put one in your kitchen and have it say a message that has to do with cooking, or something about family and friends – anything you want, really. But, it can definitely add a more unique touch to your apartment since people will see it when they are inside rather than a welcome mat that sits outside the door.

3. Neon Signs

I’m not sure when neon signs really became so popular, but they are. You may even see them at clubs and bars, but they are definitely fitting for apartments as well. There’s a ton of neon signs online that make for cute apartment decor to hang in your bedroom, over your bed, in your living room, etc. Neon signs add some overall vibrance to whichever room they are in.

4. Mason Jars

Who doesn’t love mason jars? They somehow make your at-home-made iced coffee taste better just because it looks so cute in a mason jar. They are perfect for storage of any sort, and make for a great jar for mixing salad dressings, coffee, smoothies, etc. Mason jars can also make for cool apartment decor, if you were to fill them up with things of your liking – such as, paintbrushes or utensils, depending on what room they are in.

5. Lots Of Pillows

Obviously we may really not sleep with 7 pillows on our bed, or actually find it comfortable to have an unnecessary amount of pillows on our futon – but, who cares right? They look good, and they definitely look cozy. Tidying up your apartment is as simple as making sure your pillows are up right and not on the ground, so why not have a lot of them and make sure at least your couch looks organized for when guests come over. Having a lot of pillows can make it fun to mix and match designs and colors for what ever look you’re going for.

6. Fake Flowers

We know that real flowers will not last forever, and they definitely won’t last long if we don’t take care of them. But, we can still enjoy the look of them by buying fake flowers. Obviously, they won’t smell as great, or really have any scent at all – but, adding them to the right vase or pot can make for a cute flower decoration to your apartment.

7. String Lights

Yes, string lights have been used in apartments forever – but we can do much more with them than just laying them over hooks above our beds. Adding string lights to a fake tree can make for a cozy, yet outdoorsy look in your apartment.

8. Album Art

Not everyone may enjoy listening to music on a record player or turntable, but if you do – album art is a cool way of showing your love for artists and bands throughout your apartment. You can take album covers and buy specific frames that fit that sizing and hang them on your wall for some music apartment decor.

9. Pasta Jars

I don’t know when this became a thing, but having containers full of pasta on your kitchen counter somehow makes it look more appealing. This means, empty that box of macaroni elbows you bought and never ate and pour it into a glass or plastic container, or even mason jar and stick it on your counter as apartment decor.

10. Box Shelves

You can’t go wrong with too many shelves. Chances are we have a lot of stuff that we could put into shelves. Having 4 box shelves can really make for a cool decoration while also giving you the storage that you need for all your records and books.

11. Decorate Your Work Space

If you’re working from home, having a work space you love being at could be a good way to keep your apartment clean, organized and trendy. You can decorate your desk even if it’s small, with a little wall art or inspiring quote surrounding it, or just decorative jars for your pens and pencils.

12. Bar Stools

Not all apartments are big enough for a dining table and chairs to fit the entire family. Some apartments really only have counter space. You can make an apartment feel more relaxed by adding barstools instead of regular dining room chairs.

13. Zen Corner

After a long day, you may just want to go home and feel relaxed. Setting up a corner of your apartment that you can feel calm, or meditate, or do yoga, or just breathe and relax, is a good way to really personalize your apartment. You can add books, plants, candles, a yoga mat, or what ever makes you feel the most at peace.

14. Removable Wallpaper

While a lot of the time we really can’t paint our apartments, we can still find removable wallpaper that makes for a colorful backdrop in our favorite areas of our homes. Finding a wallpaper that can easily be changed or taken off and won’t tear the paint off the walls is a trendy way to make your apartment feel more like a house.

15. Skincare Counter

Having a space where you can easily access your skincare and not have to dig through drawers to find it in the morning can make for a trendy decor idea for your apartment, especially if it’s organized. It can also help keep you more motivated to keep your counter clean.

16. Makeup Counter

Having a spot to do your makeup in the morning can truly be relaxing. If you set aside a part of your bureau, bathroom sink, or vanity to create your own area to do your makeup can make you want to keep your makeup as clean and organized as possible.

17. Signs For Each Room

It seems popular to have signs above each doorway to different rooms in your house such as your kitchen and laundry room. Adding a related sign to the doorways can make for a subtle add on to each entrance.

18. Geometric Shelves

Having shelves of any sort on your wall speaks for its own. What ever you hook onto your wall is what people will see when they come to your apartment, so why not make it even cooler? Geometric shelves are shelving units that are metal, or wood and can be shaped into triangles, or hexagons and can be a spot for your favorite small potted plants or candles.

19. Record Player

If you own a record player, it is definitely not only an awesome way to listen to music, but it makes for trendy apartment decor too. You can make a little section in your living room for your record player and add storage for your favorite albums next to it.

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20. Essential Oil Diffusers

It seems like oil diffusers are everywhere. And, here’s why. They are a subtle way of bringing some soft aroma into your apartment, whether it’s lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon. What ever scent you love, and comes in an essential oil form can make for a cooler add on than just regular candles into your home.

21. Wine Cork Art

If you love wine, finding a piece of art that you can incorporate wine corks in can be a cool way of adding apartment decor. Like, filling up a vase or jar with corks, or finding a wall structure that spells out “wine” and can be filled with corks.

22. Clipping Photos On Lights

Finding string lights is easy, and adding your favorite polaroids or pictures onto string lights can be a cool way to decorate your room. There are string lights with clips on them which makes it easy for them to sit on the string of lights.

23. Pots And Pans

Digging through your cabinets for pots and pans is not only loud, but can be hard if you really can’t find what you’re looking for. If your kitchen is big enough and the wall structure allows you to do so, a cool way of decorating your kitchen can be hanging your pots and pans.

24. Wall Art

Adding art to your wall can really show who you are and what you love. Adding any type of wall art whether that is framed pictures, or posters, or paintings can make for trendy apartment decor.

25. Add More To Your Coffee Table

Make sure you leave room for coasters if you’re actually drinking coffee at your coffee table, but also add a little more. You can add candles, or small books, or magazines.

26. Candles

Not everyone loves lighting candles, and you don’t even have to light them if you don’t want to. You can find affordable, cute, small and big candles at stores like TJ Maxx and Target. They add to your apartment decor to make a cozy look.

27. Decorative Books

You don’t have to love reading books, but having decorative books in your house can be worth reading once in a while and can make for great apartment decor. Books on fashion, interior designs, inspirational quotes, mindfulness, etc. can be books for table tops but also are good to pick up and read.

28. Make Your Space Bright

If your apartment doesn’t have much light or windows, you can bring light into your room. You can buy light fixtures, or shelves and dressers and paint them white, or light gray to bring more brightness into your apartment.

29. Keep It To A Minimum

Sometimes, less really is more. Keeping your space in your apartment simple, clean, organized, can help you feel calm while also not buying more decor than you need. It’ll still look just as trendy, but not as cluttered.

30. Decorative Vases

Using a vase is not just for fresh flowers. You can find a vase that you love and fill it with fake plants, or flowers, or a clear vase and fill with seashells and rocks. It makes for some DIY decor in your apartment.

What’s your favorite apartment decor trend? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments!
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