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11 Trends You’ll Want To Copy ASAP This Winter

Although it feels like we’ve just gotten around fall trends, winter is coming up faster than you think. Styles shift from showing skin to covering up (and keeping warm), and we’re trading in our shorts and t-shirts for flowing coats and scarves. But just because the weather’s a little bleak doesn’t mean your style has to be. In fact, this winter, we’re bound to see lots of colors, expressive accessories, and fierce feminine pieces on the streets. Stay ahead of the game and stock up on the items listed below… your wardrobe will thank you! Here are 11 trends you’ll want to copy ASAP this winter.

1. Long, Classic Coats

A warm, flattering turtleneck and a swooping coat is the combo you never knew you needed (like French fries and McFlurries). Not only is the duo guaranteed to keep the chills at bay, but is an incredibly chic ensemble for those winter city outings. To really amp up the vogue factor, go for a coat and turtleneck (or crewneck) in similar color families, such as a tan trench paired with a russet brown sweater. Make sure to play around with different bottoms too (pants, flare jeans, skirts). Our advice: always keep it balanced, so if you’ve got a tighter pant below, keep the top more conservative. Ice skating dates, here we come!

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2. Flowing Capes

Ever see a Disney princess totally rock a cascading, regal cape whilst galloping on her stallion through the mountains and wanting to do that yourself? Well, we’ve got good news for you (regarding the cape). Flowing, womanly pieces are totally making a comeback this winter season, and there’s one out there for every style. We’re drawn to the look below because it’s so unapologetically fabulous- from the plaid, Burberry-esque shawl to the designer bag to the sky-high chic boots. Although most of us aren’t able to purchase those pricey choices on a college budget (although there’s always enough for Starbucks), we can still channel some catwalk vibes with a couple of knock-off pieces.

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3). Cable Knit Sweaters

Problem: you want to add texture to your outfit but don’t have the time/necessary caffeination to do so. Solution: throw on a cable knit sweater and you’re good to go! We predict that we’ll be seeing cable knit sweaters everywhere this season because they perfectly marry two of the year’s most popular trends: leisure wear (think yoga pants) and timeless elements (thank you, Megan Markle). Next time you’re at Kohl’s, keep an eye out for a pullover sweater in a neutral color or a bright one that perfectly complements what you’ve already got in your wardrobe.

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4. Aviator Jackets

Whether you’re a fleece lover or more of a sherpa girl, there’s a way you can keep warm as toast and slay for days while doing it. We’re loving insulated jackets like the one below, especially the ones with cool details like buckles and zippers, which add a bit of edge to the often feminine elements associated with winter fashion. Want to add a bit of depth to your look? Try pairing a striped or white cotton tee shirt and some blue jeans under your jacket for an Americana twist.

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5. Chunky Boots

Honestly, we couldn’t be happier that footwear is shifting from open-toed shoes to sturdy cover-alls (less money on pedicures). Winter means the arrival of tons of pretty boots, and this winter will see more heeled, chunky boots than ever before! The size of the heel is completely up to you, but a 3-inch heel should be a good standard size (not too tall, not too short). Plus, wearing a heeled shoe will make you more aware of your steps- so you’ll be gracing your city streets by walking elegantly and confidently. We like black, but brown is another great standard color if you have a slightly warmer color palette.

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6. White On White

Dressing completely in white on a snowy winter day may seem like camouflage, but we can assure you that it’s  a dreamy fashion move to make this winter. We love layering flow sweaters with silk white midi skirts and modern sneakers (we’re partial to Reeboks). To balance out the fairy-like essence of an outfit like the one below, pair your beautiful ensemble with some texture, either with a tousled, voluminous hairstyle, a structured crossbody bag, or both. You’ll give Queen Elsa a run for her money!

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7. Lots Of Color

Prefer a bit more pigment in your wardrobe? Never fear: bold, bright statement pieces are making a huge comeback this winter! While pretty muted shades like burgundy and fawn had their moment in fall, this winter is seeing a renaissance of eye-popping colors like cobalt blue, royal purple, or our favorite, marigold yellow. If you want to test the waters before committing to a $300 faux fur coat, look out for gloves, earmuffs, or even socks in a vibrant color of your choice.

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8. Color Block Sweaters

Why should Charlie Brown get all the glory when it comes to creative sweater choices? Block color knit sweaters are both grown-up and youthful, making them a foolproof addition to any winter outfit. Plus, since this sweater is a head-turning statement in itself, you don’t even have to worry about pairing accessories with it. Just put your hair into a pretty ponytail, pop on one of these sweaters over a trusty pair of Levi’s and head to class!

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9. Floral Dresses

We know the flowers don’t come out until after the snow’s melted away, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe should be devoid of lovely floral prints! This winter, we’re going to see lots of dark floral (think indigo and black) dresses in midi and full lengths, often paired with boots, tights, and trendy jackets. To highlight your feminine frame, add a leather belt around your waist. Next step: hit up the cutest bookstore in town and spend an afternoon reading and enjoying a hot cup of tea.

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10. Snake Skin Boots

There’s a snake in our boots! Or rather, on them. Autumn may have overseen a huge leopard print trend, but we’re foreseeing a more reptilian option for this winter. We love these boots because the’ve got such an irreplaceable print and texture, and add a bit of a Western flair to any winter outfit. Don’t want to harm any snakes in the pursuit of fashion? There are plenty of faux snakeskin options out there that are just as fabulous as the real thing. Now put some of these boots on and make some hisstory.

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11. French Berets

Let’s be honest: has channeling French style ever failed us? The classic French beret is going to make a huge comeback this winter, adding European charm to any of your outfits. Now’s a great time to go through your Grandma’s (or Mom’s) closet to see if you can find one of her vintage berets. Next, flaunt your new look at any and all Christmas concerts you attend (matching skirt and jacket not required but always a plus).

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Which of these winter trends will you rock? Let us know in the comments below!

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