5 Trends We Will All Regret In The Future

Have you ever looked in an old yearbook or photo album and thought “I can’t believe that was actually cool”? Believe it or not, that will happen to each and every one of us at some point. 

The same outfits you made fun of your parents for will eventually come full circle, and you too will be made fun of. Here are 5 trends we will all regret in the future when we look back at those old yearbooks and will have us think: “I can’t believe I thought that looked good.”

1. Makeup Trends

It’s hard to imagine that one day the makeup we spent hours on will be deemed us ridiculous. You did not wake up 3 hours early to be made fun of, but eventually, that will be the case. 

The 80s had bright eyeshadow, the 90s had shimmer, and the 21st century has brought forth the highlight. The concept is strange when you think about it… why do we all want to look shiny and sweaty all the time? It gets even weirder when that “glow” crosses over into “blinding” territory. Looking like you’re sweaty has never been wanted, until now.

We can see it now: “Wow, Mom/Dad, it must have been really hot ’cause you’re sweating a lot!” No, Honey, that was just the style. 

5 Trends We Will All Regret In The Future

2. Cosmetic and Beauty Trends

Because the cosmetics industry has grown so much within the past few years, highlighter cannot be the only trend we will soon regret. The 21st century has brought us many gems, but one of the most iconic would have to be the Kardashian-Jenner family. 

Whatever a Kardashian or Jenner does, the rest of the world will follow suit no matter how you personally feel about them. The family has brought us many trends, including the infamous lip filler, eyelash extensions, and acrylic nails. The cult was not the first to do any of this, but Boy did they make it popular. 

These trends will have our children saying, “how did you do anything with those nails?” And we will tell them the truth: We stayed home and did nothing because we couldn’t, but at least we looked good doing it. 

5 Trends We Will All Regret In The Future

3. Hair Trends

While some trends circle back around every now and then, the big hair from the 80s has yet to make it’s way back, and the grey hair trend will probably die in the 21st century along with it. 

While dying your hair grey looks admittedly very edgy and cool now, one day when we are all old and grey naturally, we will regret speeding the process along. Silver and grey hair has become very popular over the years and while we all have wanted that look at some point, why do we want it?

Thousands of people dye their hair to cover the grey as they get older but us millennials have never been ones to make much sense, so bring on the grey… and then we’ll change it back later when it’s actually grey.

5 Trends We Will All Regret In The Future

4. Fashion Trends

First, it was the dad jokes, and now we have gone all-in with the dad fashion trend. Yes, the same trend you made fun of your dad for is now very fashionable, and we find ourselves sneaking into his closet to steal that “dad hat” that has always been a baseball cap until this trend. 

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This is one trend that took a while to be picked up by the masses but has seemingly taken over all at once. From the dad hats to the dad shoes, most of what we thought was unfashionable is now something we all want. 

We will eventually come to a time where we look back, and our kids will judge us for twinning with their grandpa, and we will be using the same excuses our fathers always did: it was comfortable. 

5 Trends We Will All Regret In The Future

5. Social Media Trends

It’s hard to imagine that technology can be any more advanced than it is right now. And while social media can be very beneficial, we rarely use it to its full potential. 

One day we will look at our old Facebook accounts that have now turned into MySpace by this point (i.e., extinct) and our kids will ask us “why did you take a picture of that bagel?”

Yes those very pictures we spend time editing and taking 100 times will be questioned and you will one day tell your kid “I was cool too, once. I even had 2,000 Instagram followers!” To which your loving child will reply, “Mom/Dad, Instagram is for old people.”

5 Trends We Will All Regret In The Future

Do you participate in any of these trends? Which trends do you think you’ll regret?

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