10 Trends To Add Into Your Summer Wardrobe

With the changing of seasons comes the changing of what’s in fashion. Not only do you have to shift from sweaters to tank tops, but sometimes certain items that were on trend last summer have totally faded to black. Here are some themes I’ve noticed from your favorite stores to help figure out that summer wardrobe!

1. Flare Pants

Sometimes when I walk down the street or into my favorite stores these days it feels like I’m entering another decade. When I saw more and more flare pants on display this spring, I felt like I hopped back into the ’70s. These pants are not only fashionable in jeans, but also linen, cotton, polyester….you name it! So go ahead….add a little flair to your bottoms!

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2. Bright Colors

While in past summers I noticed more pastel tones in shirts, dresses, and pants, this summer is looking quite bright! So far I have seen hot pinks, vibrant greens, creamsicle oranges, and sky blues quite frequently. Now, these colors may be a little too much for your taste if you’re more of a neutral lover. However, you can still be on trend by adding a pop of color in terms of your accessories. Whether it’s earrings, a scrunchi, or shoes add something a little bright to your summer look!

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3. Button Dresses

Button dresses are really in fashion this summer! They add some youth and boldness into an otherwise fairly plain dress. I’ve seen it in countless materials from cotton to denim. Each store is carrying some version of the trend, some with dresses that are shorter and a little more casual, while others are longer and more formal. Whichever direction you decide to go in, a button dress will have you looking cute all summer long!

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4. Linen Shorts

A few years ago it seemed that the only trendy shorts were denim. And finding a cute and comfortable pair of denim shorts is like searching for sea glass on the beach. However, now we have new material! Linen shorts are far easier to find and are much more comfortable. The style is flattering and stylish so make sure you grab a few pairs!

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5. Denim Dresses

Move over jean jackets, denim has found it’s new trademark this summer in the form of dresses. Denim goes with almost everything, therefore it’s so easy to match shoes and accessories with this look! Whether you want to be bolder in your approach or keep it classic with tans and blacks, denim is the perfect way to experiment with your look!

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6. Platform Sandals

If you’re like me, and very accident prone, sometimes the idea of heels are just a little too much effort in a summer look. But you feel the look is not complete just wearing flats. The solution? Platform sandals. Another ’70s trend that thankfully has made a comeback. These shoes give your look a literal boost and you don’t have to worry about balance either. Whether you’re rocking a cute espadrille or a funky foam base, these shoes make you feel like you’re walking on air!

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7. Bold Stripes

Currently, this is a very dominant trend popping up in stores everywhere. Instead of the exotic prints and rich florals, many designers have gone with thick stripes in flashy colors. Sometimes stripes can be hit or miss, but this summer I don’t think you can miss with this look. Wear it with other simple items so you’re not overwhelming!

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8. Front Tie

The front tie makes even the simplest outfits look cute! A little knot on the end of a neutral tee can turn it from drab to fab. This trend goes with the theme of summer 2019 which is trying to be effortlessly stylish. You can even do this look yourself, but if not you’re bound to find the right tie top at your favorite shop!

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9. Wraps

So far it seems that summer 2019 is expected to be the summer of comfortable, but stylish looks and the wrap is no exception. Wraps, whether a top or a dress, give you that dip in neckline you’ve been searching for, while still giving off a dressy vibe!

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10. Sweater Tanks

Sweater tanks are perfect for summer! Say goodbye to skimpy spaghetti straps and hello to this comfortable style. The extra material provides a little extra support while remaining stylish. Definitely add sweater tanks to your summer wardrobe!

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Sometimes staying on trend is hard since it requires lots of money and effort. However if done in a moderate manner, incorporating these trends into your daily looks can be fun! It’s also neat to look at your favorite stores to see how closely they follow what’s fashionable this season. So be on trend this summer and get shopping!

Which pieces will you add to your summer wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/F6Sy-TawvOBtpZmfv6kRBlO_tggGYyg5F0HDIinKnE9ZTTwhcG1V1i7yd-yEb-oKSEghAHk=s113
Alexandra Corey

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