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5 Trends That Should Have Been Left Behind

5 Trends That Should Have Been Left Behind

5 Trends That Should Have Been Left Behind

Like clockwork, every two decades, the vintage trend wheel makes it’s way around and brings us the trends we never thought would (or should) make its way back to us. 

We’ve all heard it from our parents: “I can’t believe that came back.” Now most of us are getting to the age where we are starting to see old trends we participated in making their way back into stores, and admittedly, some of it is downright awful. 

Of course, it usually takes a minute for people to jump on the bandwagon and decide that horrible top is actually cute… most trends grow on us. But some trends just should have stayed in the early 2000s graveyard where they belong. 

Here are five trends that probably shouldn’t have made a comeback, but did.

1. Crocs

Crocs made their debut in 2002, yep… 17 years ago. Crocs were initially invented to be a boating shoe and for some reason made their way into the fashion scene. Crocs were big almost 20 years ago and, just like clockwork, two decades later they are back. 

We get it, Crocs are comfortable and waterproof but is there really no other option? Not only are Crocs getting big again but they’re getting… well… BIG.

Balenciaga has taken advantage of this resurgence and is making them bigger with platforms and charms. I honestly sometimes wonder if designers just make this kind of stuff to see who will actually buy them. And guess what, people are buying them and selling them out! 

I think it’s time we laid Crocs to rest for good… But by all means, if you can pull them off, more power to you!

5 Trends That Should Have Been Left Behind

2. Bedazzled Anything

I’m all for a little sparkle, but a trend that should have been buried a long time ago is bedazzled anything. 

Don’t get me wrong, bedazzling can be fun, but as soon as you go from accent-bedazzling to can’t-see-the-original-clothing-bedazzling, it’s time for an intervention. For any of you familiar with the TV “The Goldbergs,” you know Beverly loves a good bedazzled moment. The problem is, the show is poking fun at this trend, not encouraging it!

So go ahead and bedazzle whatever you want, just keep it tasteful (or don’t, I love Beverly)!

5 Trends That Should Have Been Left Behind

3. Prairie

Most of us probably read Little House On The Prairie or played The Oregon Trail as kids, but can’t we just keep it at that? Lots of brands are trying to start a Prairie trend, and while I was great at playing The Oregon Trail, I don’t necessarily want to look like I was on it. 

Some brands are doing this trend right, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of them are going full-on covered wagon. There is a way to bring back old trends and make them more modern and updated, but a lot of brands and designers aren’t doing that and are making historically accurate pieces. 

For those of you not familiar, the actual Oregon Trail, the historical one, was not a good time. Lots of people died and got sick, so why open old wounds? Can’t we just move forward?

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5 Trends That Should Have Been Left Behind

4. Low Rise Jeans

Raise your hand if you ever owned a pair of Abercrombie and Fitch’s low-rise jeans. Keep your hand up if you still own them… no one? That’s because they were really uncomfortable and your underwear was always showing, which leads to the second part of this trend: whale tale. 

Look, I’m sure your thong is adorable but can’t we just keep Victoria’s secret and hide them? In the 2000s, people intentionally showed their thongs, and while they may have been cute then, you’ll just get a lot of stares now… and not the good kind.

Unless you’re trying to have a John Tucker moment, let’s just put these trends to bed… like John Tucker did with all his girlfriends. 

5 Trends That Should Have Been Left Behind

5. Overexposed Mid-drift

Overexposed mid-drift kind of goes hand-in-hand with low rise jeans. We all had fantasies of looking like Britney or Lizzie McGuire at some point, and their aesthetic was definitely low rise jeans with a very cropped shirt. Again, this was huge in the early 2000s, and while I personally haven’t seen it make its return just yet, the wheel is spinning, ladies and gentlemen, and the time is approaching. 

This trend makes me a little uncomfortable because everything is on display… you got the underboob moment, the full stomach, probably a thong showing… and it’s just a little much. So let’s try to not bring this one back around… okay? Or maybe I just need to boost my confidence… you do you ladies and gents!

5 Trends That Should Have Been Left Behind

Would you bring back any of these trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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