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Trends That Left An Imprint In the Fashion Industry

Trends That Left An Imprint In the Fashion Industry

We all want to know where all these trends came from and who is responsible for them but there are many brands and celebrities who endorsed some of the most memorable looks of the 200os. Over the last two decades we have seen similar looks pop up from time to time again and we can all thank the high-end fashionistas who changed the game without even knowing forever.

1. The Juicy Couture Track Suits

These colorful velour tracksuits were and still are a trend that used to be a quick stylish go-to outfit that many obsessed over. Not only did they offer a variety of colors to match with how you were feeling that day but the level of comfort they offer is astronomical. A-List celebrity Paris Hilton once said during a W interview “Always wear ones that are colorful or you will actually look like you are going to the gym.. EW.” Ms. Hilton not only promoted the brand but as well was considered the face of Juicy Couture when it hit the shelves back in the early 2000s. The impact Ms.Hilton created was so big while wearing these velour tracksuits that luxury name brands still retry to recreate this infamous 2000s look today. Recently  Paris  Hilton and long-term best friend,  Kim Kardashian West decided to reunite a famous look that involves the velour tracksuits to promote Mrs.Kardashians clothing line, SKIMs,  which includes many other clothing essentials that keeping up with the trends.Paris Hilton In Pink TS

2. Jeans Sitting On The Hip

Destinys’ Child who included Beyonce, Solange, and Kelly Rowland did a lot for everyone in the early 2000s from their well-known hit songs Say My Name and Soldier to some of the biggest highlights in fashion. With  a little help from Tina Knowles as their mother, who is well known for House Of Dereon and Miss Tina By Tina Knowles, they were about to serve looks like no one had ever seen before. Low Rise jeans originally created by the one and only Levi Strauss who to this day is notoriously well known for his Jean production that began in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Low Rise jean was introduced in December  2000, making it a perfect time to rock in the spring and summer which was exactly what the young girl group decided to do and over two decades later and these jeans are still hot cakes. Not only did these jeans sit below the waist  and give some spot light on your tummy but paired beautifully with a top that showed just as much skin would make them the perfect outfit combination for any occasion and time of the day.Destiny Child


3. Latex, Latex, And More Latex

Recently we have seen an upward trend of latex colored pants and suits rocked by female celebrities with a high status’ in the world which include Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian West, Cardi B, and many more but it started with the Pop Princess. In her music video Oops… I Did It Again, Britney Spears starred in an all-red skin tight latex suit that got loose towards her calves which was defined as the 2000s staple. Couture brands such as Balmain, Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent which are all well known high-end fashion brands have tried to bring back the mouth dropping latex look that was first seen by millions all over the world. Not only has it been seen by people all over but has also been  categorized as a sex symbol making a very sexy outfit either for the bedroom or an appealing nightout outfit for the city. The latex calls for a sexy outfit that still is keeping up with todays’  trends that will make you look incredibly  show-stopping.Britney In Latex

4. Matching Denim

At some point in our lives we have all wanted to try to pull off a jean on jean look but sometimes it does not go as planned either because the tones are off or the style does not go but these two icons were both at the peak of their careers when they stepped in front of the lashing lights capturing a memorable American Music Awards look in 2001. Yet again, Pop Princess Britney Spears manages to steal the 2000s and creating a alongside her ex-boyfriend at the time, Justin Timberlake, to be well known for their matching demin outfit that they decided to wear to the American Music Awards. After four years of dating and deciding to split after cheating rumors against Ms. Spears, the matching jean on jean outfit is still considered a fashion statment that no other couple has managed to pull off and look as radiant as they once did nearly 20 years ago. Britney Spears has given many trends that can be recreated today and anyone can do it.

Britney and JT

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5. The Sweater Vest That Doesn’t Stop Giving

It is 2004, sweater vests are the hottest thing out and everyone wants to get their hands on and shockingly Kanye West is smiling. Within the last year, we have seen that sweater vests are coming up once more with high-end brands pushing them off the runways to fast fashion stores creating a version of their own. The sweater vest could come out of your grandpa’s closet but with the right accessories, you will look just as fly and happy as Kanye West did at the MTV European Music Awards. Depending on how you decide to accessorize your sweater vest it fits for nearly every occasion and is a comfortable warm clothing piece that make you look like you care about your style. Mr.West showed up to show out wearing a baby pink sweater vest with hints of brown while wearing matching pink pants, both the brown and pink not only combine well together but are a major 2000s trend.

Kanye west sweater vest


From taking a look at some of the looks that were once the hottest trends of the early 2000s, it is noticable that many people still refer back to this time period because of the sense that the 2000s trends were full of new classic ideas that many love. Celebrities till this day will wear outfits handmade trying to recreate the once-famous look and make it their own but you can’t do that without there being the first to get inspiration from.