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10 Trends From the 90s That Are Popular Today

10 Trends From the 90s That Are Popular Today

The trends of the 90s will never end. The resemblance is still here today, check it out.

1. Baggy Jeans

Skinny jeans are cool but baggy jeans are still trending. Baggy jeans don’t discriminate against any body type. I like these jeans in that they are loose on the hips, legs, and butt and fit perfectly on the waist. These jeans are so fashionable and pair with just about anything.  They come in almost any color that ranges from light-wash or dark.. Thankfully your top doesn’t have to be too extravagant because your jeans will speak volume. Just keep the top simple. Baggy jeans can go both ways, casual and also dressy. Casual pair them with a pair of sneakers or booties. Dressy; you can rock a pair of heels or a nice pair of sandals.


2. Mini Backpack

Oversized handbags are a thing of the past, mini backpacks are back and are used by all ages. Mini backpacks could have been the first accessory you carried. These mini backpacks are a way to forever be young and hold onto your youth. Mini backpack gives your hands the freedom they need this summer. The next trend is coming back is the stuffed animal backpack, well maybe not, but a girl can dream.


3. Tie-Dye

I don’t think the tie-dye trend ever left. Everyone from the young to the old rocks this throwback color scheme.

4. Track Suits

You don’t even have to be on track to rock the suit. Tracksuits and windbreakers are trends of the 90s that everyone would wear. These suits are unisex and super comfortable, no wonder they have made a comeback.


5. Leopard Print

I am guilty of this trend. I’ve seen this print on clothes, shoes, purses, accessories and so much more. Leopard print pops and it makes a statement to all that rock it. If you wear leopard print make sure you wear it with confidence. Leopard print can be worn for a subtle day-to-day conservative look or can be worn to turn heads by looking a little wild and fun.


6. Polo Shirts

A polo shirt is a basic shirt with a collar. Not much of an upgrade. I feel that depending on the shirt and the wearer that a polo shirt can be professional. Nothing beats a suit and tie but a polo shirt can be fashionable. Speaking of fashion, when I think of polo shirts I automatically think of Ralph Lauren. Polo shirts have been around long before Ralph Lauren. Solid polo shirts are trends from the 19th century and rebooted in the 90s and definitely are not going away anytime soon. I also think of this shirt is a “dad shirt” paired with a pair of khakis and some New Balance sneakers. Polo shirts can be seen everywhere like on family photos, vacations, golf courses, uniforms in schools, and other casual occasions. Men and even women wear polo shirts. I prefer the ones with a very small logo on the chest. With bad taste, I’ve seen polo shirts with very large logos and tacky patterns. Some people go as far as having matching polo shirts and pants. I shake my head.


7. Flare Jeans

Who needs skinnies when you can rock a pair of flared jeans? These jeans originally came from the 70s and made their way to the 90s and surprise surprise here they are in 2020. This is definitely a throwback trend. These jeans are also known as bell-bottoms because of how they are shaped below the knee. Just like before these jeans will flatter your legs making them look long and thin.


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8. Bike Shorts

The trends of the 90s are very present in today’s time. I feel like spandex’s are the cousin to bike shorts. I don’t own a bike but own several pairs of bike shorts, I’m so glad they are not just for bike riders or for those that engage in physical activities. They are so comfortable and perfect to wear during the summer. They give a little stretch and some breathing room. Amazing. They are similar to jeggings except they are shorts, perfect. I love biker shorts because they are simple and go with just about anything. I am thankful that this 90s trend has made its way to today. Bike shorts can be worn with a blazer, a lacy cute top, and a pair of heels for a more professional office-appropriate look. They can be work with an oversized hoodie. I prefer to wear bike shorts with a baggy shirt and a pair of chucks. Bike shorts are the best and very versatile.


9. High-Waisted Mini Skirt

Women today and in the 90s want to show off the hard work that was put in at the gym to get the body that they want to flaunt. This skirt does just that. Trends of showing off your flattering parts will never get old. This skirt flatters your waist so it goes best with a shirt tucked in or a crop top. This skirt shows love to curvy women as well. The shirt should be fitted, like a tank top, so that it brings more attention to your outfit. Of course, pairing this skirt with heels is best but it can also go great with sandals if the skirt is more casual.


10. Fanny Packs

Call them fanny packs, waist bag, or even a bum bag, let’s just say the 90s are back. These aren’t just an accessory for tourists anymore, everyone is rocking them. They are even cooler than before. It’s a convenient place to store your belongings close and keep a watchful eye on them. I like that fanny packs also keeps your hands free so that you can be successful on your errand runs and shopping trips.


Trends in the 90s are so popular they made their way to 2020, but really did they ever leave? I feel like for the 90s we just pick it up where we left off. Which 90s trend is your favorite?

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