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Trendiest Sunglasses Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Trendiest Sunglasses Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Trendiest Sunglasses Brands That Won't Break The Bank

Sunglasses are something that I have a hard time getting myself to spend a lot of money on, being that the trends change so often! That doesn’t mean I sacrifice style in picking out the cutest pairs!

Here’s a list of the trendiest sunglasses brands that won’t break the bank, but will keep you as stylish as ever!

ASOS DESIGN is often my go-to website when shopping on a budget, but still looking to stay completely on trend. While I typically apply this idea to clothing, they have proven to be exceptional in their trendy sunglasses collection as well. They are known for their vast selection of colorful cat-eye sunglasses, but that is far from the only trend they cater to.

Some of my favorite selections this season from ASOS DESIGN on their website are their Rayban look-a-likes (such as their round sunnies and hexagonal shaped frames). With nearly every pair of ASOS DESIGN sunglasses under $20, you certainly will not be breaking the bank by treating yourself to a new pair of trendy sunnies.

Trendiest Sunglasses Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Eye Buy Direct

Eye Buy Direct is a brand that I recently have become familiar with, and I am oh so glad that I have. They offer such a vast selection of different frames on their online store, making it nearly impossible to find a pair of sunglasses that aren’t perfect for your face shape and personal style.

Also, if you are someone who happens to be on the hunt for prescription sunglasses, Eye Buy Direct offers customizable lenses at a crazy affordable price! Gone are the days that you are roped into buying a pair of designer sunglasses at your optometrist simply because those are the only “trendy” pair that you are able to find! Visit for a huge selections of trendy sunglasses at a price you can definitely afford.

Trendiest Sunglasses Brands That Won’t Break The Bank


Lulus is another brand that I typically frequent specifically for clothing items, but I have found that they have a huge assortment of trendy sunglasses on their website as well. Being that they are a store that prides itself in being on top of the current trends at all times of the year, they have already proven that they are on top of the most recent sunglasses trends for 2019.

Some of my favorite pairs from their website include their choices of chunky white-framed sunglasses, being that that is one of my current favorites in terms of the top sunglasses trends of the moment. Check out to see all of the affordable options for yourself, and you definitely won’t regret it!

Trendiest Sunglasses Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Quay Australia

Quay is a brand that I have been familiar with for quite some time now. While some of their newer pairs are priced in the upper $60 range, they have plenty of fairly affordable pairs from older collections as well (marked down to prices around the $25 range).

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This being said, Quay Australia is THE ultimate brand that is always on top trends when it comes to all things sunglasses. From massive celebrity collaborations to quirky new shapes and colors, viewing Quay Australia’s most recent collections is always my first move when I am on the hunt for the hottest new sunglasses trends.Whether you purchase from or simply browse the website for style inspiration, you MUST check out their frames!

Trendiest Sunglasses Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is undoubtably one of the most on trend clothing and accessory websites of all time. With this in mind, there is no question that they have a huge selection of affordable, yet incredibly trendy, sunglasses this year.

From their round, metal sunnies to chunky, thin sunnies, they are likely to have whatever hot new trend you are trying to shop for. Something that I’m personally very interested in at the moment come from Urban Outfitters’ vintage accessory collection, where they have a huge selection of trendy sunglasses! Check out their accessory department, and get shopping!

Trendiest Sunglasses Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Now that you have a list of the best sunglasses brands to shop for this season to stay on trend without breaking the bank, I hope you have luck finding the perfect frames for you! Are you an avid shopper for any of these brands? Let us know down below in the comments!

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