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10 Trendiest Hoodie Brands For This Season

Every Fall and Winter season I get wildly excited to wear sweats and hoodies everywhere. When it gets cold outside, it is not only acceptable but considered fashionable to wear a sweat set with some cool sneakers and a low bun out in public. My hoodie obsession has only grown since quarantine began which means I have put in the hours of work to find the best and trendiest hoodie brands so I can share with you the must have hoodies this season. All of the brands listed below are not only trendy and celebrity approved, they’re all out of this world quality which is important. Nobody wants to be itchy in a hoodie, you want to feel like you’re wearing a cloud, which you will in these. 

1. Talentless

The Lord himself, Scott Disick created the Talentless collection a few years ago but it is still as hot as ever. The affordable price point and incredible quality of the clothes only highlights the simple style that makes the perfect streetwear look. 

2. MadHappy

MadHappy is a brand that leans on the more expensive side of things but is wildy trendy at the moment. I can guarantee one of your favorite celebrities has represented this brand in an Instagram story or two in the past. Madhappy continues to come out with new collections that never fail to be better than the last. 

3. Pangaia

Pangaia is a newer brand known for its recycled materials in their sweat sets. For those of you wondering, these sweats are still just as soft and comfortable as a normal hoodie, they’re just better for the environment. I believe that plays into why they’re getting so much hype lately. They are well known for their matching sweat sets that scream “model off duty”. They’re great quality and incredible design plus the reasonable price point makes this brand a must buy. 

4. Essentials

Essentials is also a brand new to the spotlight but their pieces are seen everywhere now. Their brand presents itself exactly as it would sound, as basic essential pieces with an elevated high fashion twist. This brand has a higher price point for most items but the price it’s absolutely worth it. 

5. Hangover Hoodies

Hangover Hoodies is a new company that is very up and coming. Their company was founded on the idea that we need to make more of those memories of super fun nights with your best friends. Their entire brand radiates good vibes and great moments. Their hoodies range from basic to rainbow colored which offers the perfect range for you to pick exactly what you’d like in a hoodie based on your style. The quality of these hoodies is next level, especially for the price! 

6. Mayfair Group

 The Mayfair Group LLC has branded themselves as not only an outerwear collection but as a lifestyle brand too. Their Instagram content is incredibly produced filled with graphic design photos and collages. The coolest part about this brand is that they are determined to change the world. All of their hoodies and sweats are trendy with a strong meaning behind them. They only sell these hoodies in size XL or XL Plus which leads to the perfect oversized look for everyone. The quality of their hoodies is incredible and they are guaranteed to get compliments when you’re out and about. 

7. SetActive

Set Active is a more fitness based brand for hoodies. Their clothes are designed to hold up strong while working out which makes them super durable for your day to day activities. They are plain solid colored hoodies made out of the softest most durable materials. These sweatshirts also come matching with leggings and sports bras for the coolest street wear look. 

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8. Moody

Have you seen the infamous sweatshirt Charli D’Amelio rocks in most of her Tik-Toks with the bedazzled smiley faces? That’s the brand Moody, and there is a reason this Tik Tok star rocks their hoodies, because they’re so cool. Moody is a very high quality sweatshirt brand that takes all the cool sweatshirt designs you could imagine and elevates them to make them look even more bada**. Their price point is completely reasonable for the quality and design of the hoodies. 

9. Yours Truly

Yours Truly is a brand most of you have probably seen Instagram Ads for. Once I finally “discovered” this brand, I realized I had seen them a million times before that and always thought to myself about how cool they were. Yours Truly has an incredible selection of hoodies and sweats and matching sets. All the products have unique designs that are guaranteed to get compliments when you’re out and about. 


Unxpectd is an up and coming hoodie brand with many different style options. All their hoodies integrate their unique logo that is trendy and interesting. They sell hoodies with a more plain and simple design while also being recognized for their half tie dye, half solid colored sweatshirts. Get your hands on one of these hoodies if you see them available, trust me, they sell out FAST.

As I mentioned before, I am obsessed with finding new hoodie brands to love so if you have other suggestions, comment them down below and be sure to let me know your thoughts if you try out any of these brands. Be sure to take a super cute selfie and tag the brand if you buy one of their hoodies. Some of the brands listed below are still smaller and not as well known. So, if you love it, shout it from the rooftops because these companies put in the work to give us the best and brightest hoodies to wow the streets this season. Also, once you buy them, be ready to walk the streets and have all eyes jump to you and get swarmed with compliments. Trust me, it really happens but when you have such cool hoodies, what else would you expect?

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