20 Trendiest Fall Nail Colors

To take your mind off of the recent spikes in the coronavirus pandemic, this article has got you covered on Trendy Fall Nail Colors. It might be early July, but that doesn’t stop those who are obsessed with fashion and beauty to think about what fall nail colors to get their nails done in when autumn arrives on September 22.

There are a plethora of fall nail colors that you can choose from to get your nails done in. There are no rules. Regardless of which color or shade you select, I bet your nails will look perfect. Any fall nail colors you select (whether your nails are done at a salon or you do them yourself at home) will match the season of autumn.

Now, with all of that information being said, take a look down below and check out 20 of the Trendiest Fall Nail Colors:


1. Dark and Stormy Lavender:

Another one of the trendiest fall nail colors out there is lavender. The shade below is Mischo Beauty’s “Unbroken”, which is their interpretation of a dark and stormy lavender.

This color is perfect to get a manicure done at any point during the fall. If you decide that from all of the fall nail colors featured in this article, that this dark and stormy lavender is the one for you, make sure you order a bottle ASAP! Mischo Beauty’s “Unbroken” is so popular that when you go onto the website, the only option available for ordering is preorder and you won’t receive it until mid-July.

2. Olive Green:

Olive Green is one of the most popular and trendy shades for fall nail colors. This darker color is perfect to match with warmer fall colors. Olive Green is a staple for fall nail colors as it looks so chic and fabulous on every skin tone. One should definitely try this nail color when fall comes!


3. Orange:

I couldn’t do an article of Trendy Fall Nail Colors without including the color orange! No color screams fall more than orange! Whether it’s a bright, light, or dark shade, orange will make your nails look outstanding throughout the autumn months.

4. Vibrant Turquoise:

Although turquoise is popular nail color for summer, JINsoon’s Heirloom nail polish is their version of a vibrant turquoise that offers a reflective and chrome-like finish perfect for the fall. From all of the trendy fall nail colors included in this article, the vibrant turquoise is the one to go with if want something that looks cool and edgy!

5. Denim:

When it comes to Fall Nail Colors, Denim is highly underrated. This dreamy blue hue offers moody, stormy, and interesting vibes. Although this color is perfect to wear year-round, Denim is a modern neutral tone. If you are looking for fall nail colors that make a modern statement, I highly recommend that you go with the denim!


6. Silver:

Silver is the perfect fall nail color to go with if you want your manicure to make a bold statement if you don’t want to go the nail art or glitter routes.

7. Deep Pink:

Sundays Nontoxic Nail Polish in No. 23 is a shade of deep pink that is a perfect transitional shade to wear in between the seasons. This deep pink shade is one of those popular fall nail colors that is not too bright nor too summery to wear for the impending fall season.

8. Off Tropic (aka Forest Green):

Green is one of several fall nail colors that’s trendy to wear during autumn. This forest green hue from Essie is perfect and will feel like you are wearing a dark neutral shade.


9. Warm Grey Crème:

If you have a nice event or wedding to go to that’s in the fall, consider getting your nails done in this warm grey crème color. From all of the trendy fall nail colors included in this article, you better order a bottle of this one ASAP as it’s only available for a limited time on Butter London’s website.

10. Periwinkle:

Côte No. 81 is a shimmer wisteria purple that looks like periwinkle. It is one of those trendy fall colors that’s perfect to get a manicure at the start of the fall if you want a summer-to-fall transitional look for your nails.

11. Bright Red:

Red is another one of those fall nail colors that is not only popular during that season but also year-round. If you want a manicure in bright red, I highly recommend using Dior’s Rouge 999 nail polish as it is sophisticated, classic, and fancy all at the same time. Bright Red Nail polish is also one of those fall nail colors to get a manicure in for any nice event you attend during the fall as this nail color tends to look a little bit more classy!


12. Smoky Lilac:

This smoky lilac nail color is part of OPI’s Scotland Collection (Do you see why this nail polish color is named “You’ve Got That Glas-glow”?) Smoky Lilac looks terrific on dark, fair, and/or medium skin tones.

13. Metallic Bronze:

Côte No. 45 comes in the color of metallic bronze. Although it looks similar to a basic nude color, this metallic bronze shade makes wearing nail polish a thousand times more fun! This shade will make your nails look like autumn leaves but with a shimmering twist.

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14. Cranberry with Gold Shimmer:

One of the several sparkly fall nail colors included in this article, this shade will remind you of your favorite Bordeaux wine! If you have a dinner party or date, get your nails done in the Cranberry with Gold Shimmer! This shade will look perfect with your outfit for the occasion.

15. Peach:

For those of you looking for fall nail colors that make your nails look more natural, considering getting a manicure done with a peach nail color. It is a natural and neutral color that’s perfect for the fall.

16. Candy Shop (aka Glittery Pink):

One way you can go with fall nail colors is by following along with the fall nail art trend. If you decide to get a manicure done in the fall nail art trend, the best nail polish to go with is Deborah Lippmann’s Nail Polish in the color of Candy Shop. With this chunky, glitter pink nail polish color, you can either try one coat over your favorite neutral shade or two quick coats of this nail polish over bare nails.


17. Black:

Besides being highly popular among fall nail colors, black is one of those colors that match your outfit no matter what you are wearing. Black Nail Polish is elegant, timeless, and classy. This is a great color to wear during October for Halloween. If you are dressing up as a witch or black cat for Halloween this year, complete your costume with a manicure done in black nail polish.

18. Pearly Blue:

One of the six nail polish colors that’s part of OPI’s Neo-Pearl Nail Lacquer Collection, this pearly blue (Called “Did You See Those Mussels?”) is gonna one of the biggest hits for fall nail colors. This shade looks icy and cool, perfect for fall when the temperature begins to drop.

19. Blushed Petal:

In general, blush is one of the trendiest fall nail colors out there to get a manicure done in. Sally Hansen’s Blushed Petal is a pinky-neutral shade that offers a mix of both cool and warm undertones. This nail polish color will look amazing and fabulous on all skin tones.


20. Snow White:

For trendy fall nail colors, the color white doesn’t stand high on that list. However, the reason why I am including it in this article is that this particular shade of Snow White from Orosa Beauty will be a massive hit when autumn comes.

This opaque and creamy white is one of those colors that will make your manicure not only look fantastic but like a million bucks too! For those of you girls out there who are considering dressing up as an angel for Halloween this year, complete your costume by getting a manicure done in this Snow White shade.

From all of the Trendy Fall Nail Colors listed above, which one(s) do you want to get your nails done in for autumn? Let us know which ones down below in the comments section below!

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