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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling To Peru

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling To Peru

Traveling to Peru? Here are the best places to go and sightsee! A good adventure is something everyone loves, so here are our best tips when traveling to Peru!

Is it just me or is Peru having a moment? I feel like everyone is traveling to Peru these days, but honestly I don’t blame them. I recently spent two weeks there and it was amazing, I would recommend it to anyone, but there are some things I wish I had better prepared myself for, things I wish I knew. SO, if Peru is at the top of your travel list, you may want keep these things in mind.

1. Lima has a lot to offer

I am not sure why Lima gets such a bad rap, but it seemed like everything I read told me to not stay long in Lima, to use it as a stepping stone to the next destination. But the truth is, Lima is beautiful and so clean! It has miles of beaches and loads of things to see, so take more than a day there.

2. Don’t Rent a Car

Traveling to Peru? Don’t go through the hassle of renting a car. I rent a car in almost every country I travel to, but I am so glad I didn’t in Peru. Lima traffic is the craziest I have ever seen, and I probably wouldn’t have made it out alive, and even if I did, the road systems aren’t user friendly so it’s best to just take a cab or taxi.


3. Lima to Galapagos

I really wanted to tie my Peru trip in with the Galapagos Islands, but everything I found online was just too expensive. What I found out is that you can but a round trip ticket from Lima to the Galapagos Islands the day before often cheaper than buying your whole trip’s tickets all together.

4. Fly to Cusco

I like to fly into a country and then drive or use other ground transportation within said country, but Peru doesn’t really work that way. There is no train from Lima to Cusco, and the road between the 2 cities is long and not well maintained. If you want to get to Cusco, you’ll need to fly.

5. Speaking of Cusco…

It kind of smells. Yes, it is a historical city and you should definitely go there, but I wish I knew that one day there is enough to see it before moving on.


6. Cabs/Taxis

There are two types of cabs when you leave the airports in Peru; the first line of nice black cars are the expensive company owned rides, but if you walk past them, you will find the local taxi drivers who set their own, cheaper prices. Yes, the ride won’t be as nice, but it’s a bargain.

7. Taxi Driver Tour Guide

If you do go to the local taxi drivers and you get good vibes from him, you may want to ask if they are free the next day. Many taxi drivers also work as licensed tour guides and will give you a deal on tours. I hired the same taxi driver I met at the airport in Cusco for three days, and he drove me to several villages and sites.

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8. Sacred Valley Splurge

If you are traveling to Peru, this is a must-see! The Sacred Valley will live up to your expectations, but you might want to consider splurging on a resort during this part of your trip. You will be spending your days out visiting historical sites, but wherever you return to is where you will be once it gets dark, so make it nice. The villages pretty much shut down at night, so you will be spending a lot of time at your hotel in the Sacred Valley area.

9. There is more than one Inca Trail

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a permit to hike the Inca Trail. There are several other beautiful trails that are also Inca trails and are way less crowded.

10. Stairs

I have never done so many stairs in my whole life as I did during my two weeks in Peru, so make sure you and your legs are prepared.


Overall, take in the culture when traveling to Peru, and have some great adventures while you’re there!

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