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Traveling Is Essential For Your Mental Health, Here Is Why

Traveling Is Essential For Your Mental Health, Here Is Why

Traveling is essential, and you can always make room for it on your budget. Whether your ideal trip is a night away in a hotel, an air b and b with a group of friends, or something in between. Traveling can be a bit pricey, but plane tickets and prices of hotels and air b and b’s are always changing. If you choose the right time to go, it can be totally feasible! Here is why traveling is essential for your mental health!

1. Stress Reliever 

Everyone accumulates stress over time. It could be from work, school, family, or anything. Going on a vacation is a healthy way to relieve stress and blow off some steam! If you are anything like me, planning is half of the fun! I just got back from Florida, so this article is especially meaningful to me. Everyone needs to relieve stress at one point or another, and traveling can be fairly inexpensive. Search around for hotel prices, and prices of flights on various websites like Trivago,, and other similar sites. It can really help you save a few! 

2. Builds Connection Among Relationships 

Traveling is an outstanding way to get closer to the people you love. Not only is traveling fun, to say the least but spending a few nights away in a new and exciting setting can be incredibly rejuvenating and relaxing. It also builds your closeness and connection with the people you travel with! My friend Sara and I just went to Florida for a long weekend, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Traveling with friends is fun, but traveling with your boyfriend or romantic partner brings it to a whole new level. Staying in a hotel, cuddling up with him or her, on a tropical vacation, nothing beats it!


Traveling Is Essential For Your Mental Health, Here Is Why

3. Experience 

Traveling is the best way to experience new things. Certain cities, states, and locations you may have never thought about visiting, but once you do, it could be a state you love! Traveling is the best way to learn about yourself, and it is never a bad idea to experience a different culture, even when you stay in the country. I live in the United States, and my friend and I both had mentioned we want to go to all the 50 states in the U.S. 

4. Happiness 

This may seem broad and generalized, but your happiness is definitely increased when you travel. Sightseeing, going out at night, or hanging out by the beach, these are all things that make you feel happy and intrigued by the different scenery! I think we are all chasing happiness to some degree or another. Everyone wants to fall in love and be happy, and studies have indicated that traveling creates a more genuine type of happiness, as opposed to making superficial purchases. Traveling can also be a great time to reflect on what you truly desire from your life, and that type of reflection is healthy and essential. 


5. Break 

Ever felt like you need a break? From work? From school? Well, vacation or traveling is the perfect and best way to get a break. Traveling helps you to decompress from everyday life stress and pressure. Everyone needs a break at one point or another, and traveling is essential to maintain good mental health. Take a deep breath, and buckle up! Step on a flight somewhere warm, and leave your worries behind. 

6. Drink Up 

One of the best things to do while you are on a vacation is party, and if you aren’t a big partier, live it up. Go shopping, go out to eat, lay by the pool, and rent a car. Whatever you decide to do, make the absolute most of it! 

7. Vitamin C 

Getting your sunshine exposure is very important. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the weather, and some people like to be surrounded by the sunshine. I know I sure do. While on vacation, take advantage of the stronger UV rays, and the sunshine – you’ll thank me later. Sunshine in moderation can do wonders for your mental health, and even give you a little color. Just be safe and use sunblock, and other than that you are good! 


Traveling Is Essential For Your Mental Health, Here Is Why

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8. Memories 

College is the best time to make and create memories. Traveling is a super fun way to create memories. Take a lot of pictures, not just for the social media uploads but also for your own personal memories. It is amazing what iPhones can do. Take some pictures, upload them to your social media if you have it, but also take the pictures and reflect on how much fun you had!


Traveling Is Essential For Your Mental Health, Here Is Why

9. Comfort Zone 

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary. However, traveling is a good kind of scary! I would encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and experience traveling. It is a great way to build independence as well. While traveling, you will see and experience new things, some of which will make you feel like you have stepped out of your comfort zone. This is not a bad thing!

10. Budget 

In addition to what was previously mentioned, (seriously, are you convinced yet?) traveling is such a good way to budget money. You will gain so many budgeting tips when it comes to travel. Saving money is a tip that will help you at any point in your life, and when it comes to budgeting, planning to travel is really the only time we like to think of saving. It is a good tool to have and saving for a vacation is good practice.


When it comes to travel, everyone needs a little getaway. Take some time to research different places you may want to visit and start saving! I hope everyone took something away from this article, and I hope it inspired you to plan a vacation! Where do you think you will travel? Comment below! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope everyone enjoyed!