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Travel Instagrams That Will Inspire Wanderlust

Travel Instagrams That Will Inspire Wanderlust

Travel Instagrams That Will Inspire Wanderlust

Millennials have developed some not-so-desireable reputations over the years. Criticized by baby boomers for our avocado toast and social media habits. However, millennials have also been hailed the wanderlust generation – traveling more than any other generation before us. Perhaps we’ve caught the travel bug from Instagram. When you’re timeline is full of scenic views, it’s hard not to book a flight. Here are some travel Instagrams that are sure to inspire wanderlust – millennial or not.

Maria Fagerström

Maria is a Swedish-born 737 airline pilot currently based out of the Canary Islands. Her account gives you an inside look into her career in aviation and all the beautiful places she’s seen along the way. Maria’s love for the outdoors and her passion for photography make for fantastic content. Follow her @mariathepilot on Instagram and check out her videos at 

Travel Instagrams That Will Inspire Wanderlust

Alex Strohl

Strohl is a French photographer and author based in Whitefish, Montana. With numerous campaigns and 2 million followers, chances are you’ve seen one of his shots before. He’s arguably one of Instagram’s biggest travel photography accounts and for good reason. His feed is a plethora of striking pictures of Montana mountainsides. See where he goes next at @alexstrohl

Lucy Rose Launcht

Lucy’s feed is so perfect you’ll want to fill your home with her images. Capturing endless skylines, sunsets, and countrysides with her unique perspective. She includes authentic images of locals and occasional glimpses of her own style. Her perfectly cohesive account has an overall dreamy feeling you’ll love. Follow her @luncylauncht but prepared to get caught up in endless scrolling.

Travel Instagrams That Will Inspire Wanderlust

Elise Cook

Elise and her husband Domenic are craft winemakers and VW bus dwellers. The gorgeous couple is currently based out of South Australia but they’re constantly on the move. Elise shares images of desert sunsets and sandy beaches from the window of her pink Volkswagon bus. If you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your life and living in a van, then Elise may be your biggest inspiration. Explore their blog and wine collection at Down the Rabit Hole Wines and check out Elise at @elisecook.

Travel Instagrams That Will Inspire Wanderlust

Eric Rubens

Rubens is a Southern California born photographer and videographer capturing the coast’s most beautiful sunsets. He has a number of impressive clients under his belt and 400,000 followers to share his craft with. Ruben shares some of the most perfect golden hours we’ve ever seen. Follow him here, all his prints are for sale.

Eye of She

Bree of @eyeofshe is a New York City-based blogger putting an emphasis on conscious traveling. Her feed is a collection of stunning shots from Indonesia to Australia. Her keen eye and appreciation for nature allow her to create fantastic content. Follow her for some adventure inspiration.

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Travel Instagrams That Will Inspire Wanderlust

George The Explorer

George’s unique travel account provides followers with a view of the world through the eyes of our most beautiful creatures. Plus, he has the most adorable animal shots you’ve ever seen – he even makes polar bears look cute and cuddly. George Turner is a U.K. based wildlife photographer currently traveling the globe for a living. His interest in wildlife comes with a strong passion for conservation and animal protection. Follow him at @georgetheexplorer – lemurs, lions, and leopards, oh my.

Jenni Naturally

Jenni is a Toronto based photographer, animal lover, and outdoorsman – outdoorswoman, sorry. Her account will inspire you to pack up and move to the Arctic. She’s captured breathtaking views of northern lights, massive glaciers, beautiful orcas. Follow her cool (excuse my pun) adventures at @jenninaturally.

Travel Instagrams That Will Inspire Wanderlust

What travel Instagrams inspired wanderlust in you? Where are you booking your next trip? Comment down below!

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