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Travel Hacks To Fly Better

Travel Hacks To Fly Better

Flying is both exciting and exhausting. To make your next trip better we came up with some great Travel Hack to Fly Better.

Before Flight Hacks

Food Hacks:

Fresh Fruit: To save money, time, and not have to eat dehydrating food from the food court, pack fresh fruits and apples in your carry on. They go through security and keep you buys while you get those flight munchies. 

Frozen Liquids: Another weird thing that can get through security is frozen liquids. So freeze that coffee or water bottle for a free snack or drink on the way. 

Packing Hacks:

Scarf: When trying to pack what to bring on a flight think less is more. For an example instead of bringing a pillow and a sweater opt for a large scarf. It is great as a pillow and can be wrapped around you as a blanket. 

Wear what you own: Instead of putting everything into your bag, try to wear as much as possible. It keeps you warm and gives you more space for those extra things you buy on the trip. 

Travel Hacks To Fly Better

Airport Hacks

From check in to take off there are so many ways a trip can go wrong from the very begining. Making this part of the journey smooth can set the tone for the perfect flight. 

Technology hacks: 

Longer WiFi: is you time running out? Some airports have very limited time restraints on WiFi usage. If you have an airport like this, try rolling back your clocks and hour or two to get more time. 

TV USB: Airports have tons of TV’s, the cool part about TV’s is the USB port in the back. If the charging stations are all full try to find a TV where you can fit your cable. Beware of not doing anything illegal. 

Comfort Hacks:

Day passes: Most airport lounges aren’t cheap but if you have a little money, some of these lounges have free food. Bonus they usually have faster WiFi, less crowds, charging station, and even some have sleeper pods, showers and gyms. 

Chapel: You may not be religious, but if you are willing to respect a place of worship the chapel is a great place to get away from the crowds. Bonus most people don’t steal bags in holy spaces. Which is great if you need a break from carrying a heavy bag. 

Security Hacks: 

Turn Left: Whenever people are lining up, the habit is to go towards the more dominant hand line. With most of the worlds population right handed, going left towards a different line will have you at your gate in no time. 

Postage: If you ever forget about that large bottle of $80 shampoo you have in your bag, in most security lines they have a section for mailing your belongings to your house. If they want to throw it away ask them if they have one of those stations

Travel Hacks To Fly Better

In Flight

Comfort Hacks:

Slippers: for long flights it is hard to keep your shoes on. Try wearing thick socks or bringing a cute pair of slippers. It keeps your feet clean and also cozy when you feel homesick. 

Slipping head: If your head just wont stay still and yoiu don’t have a neck pillow, try using a sarf. There are many ways to use this method, one that most people don’t think of is tying your head to the head rest. You look strange but it really works. 

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Food Hacks:

No ICE: It might feel good to see a glass of water with ice, especially on a plane where you are dehydrated, but ask for no ice. The flight attendants don’t go around often and when they do, if there is ice in your cup you get less liquid.

Extras: Travel hacks are hard to come by when everything costs so much money, but those free pretzels on the plane could come in handy. What you need to do is simply ask them for another. Sometimes they say no, but most of the time they say yes.

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After Flight

Body Hacks:

Moisturize: Airplanes are not good for your skin. It’s important right after a flight to sanitize and moisturize so you skin won’t go crazy just because you got on a plane. 

Sleep: When you get to a new area, try to sleep until morning or not sleep until night. What ever the time zone is try to get on it, as soon as you possibly can. This will tremendously help with jet lag.  

Repacking Hacks:

New things: When you go on trips and get new things it can be hard to fit everything in the same bag. Try stuffing the new trinkets or gifts in the pockets of other clothing. This will save space and keep them from getting damaged. 

Dirty clothes: When you are at the end of the trip the dirty clothes can be more than your clean clothes. Try folding all the dirty clothes and placing them in the bag and put the clean clothes in a bag. That way everything will fit and those few clean items won’t have to be rewashed. 

Travel Hacks To Fly Better

Did you enjoy these Travel Hacks To Fly Better? If you did, let us know in the comments which one is your favorite! 

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