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Travel Down Memory Lane With These Movies on Disney Plus

Travel Down Memory Lane With These Movies on Disney Plus

Move over Netflix, Disney Plus is here and every ’90s baby is rejoicing over this newly launched streaming service offering the best in Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and much more. Who doesn’t love a nostalgic stroll down memory and tapping into those beloved childhood memories? Disney Plus makes it convenient and fun to relive those golden years of our youth. Travel down memory lane as we share some of our classic Disney movies now available to you to watch and re-watch at home on Disney Plus! 


Fantasia is an animated film from the 1940s. It is Walt Disney’s masterpiece that relaunched Mickey Mouse’s career to stardom as the most beloved and treasured animated Disney character. No family’s Disney collection of VHS was complete without it. This featured film contains eight animated segments set to pieces of classical music. Even though there’s no direct story-telling in this film you will enjoy all the magic, excitement, and love that makes up the very essence of all Disney films. 

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Bed Knobs and Broomsticks

This feature film is a beloved classic now on Disney Plus. This film adaptation is based on the book, The Magic Bedknob & Bonfires, and Broomsticks, by Mary Norton. Charlie, Carrie, and Paul Rawlins are being evacuated from London during The Blitz, a German bombing campaign against the United Kingdom. They are left in the care of Miss Price who is training to be a witch to help defend her country. There is one spell that stands in the way of Miss Price from being a proper witch. Both her and the children go through many adventures to track it down all by the help of a magical bed knob.

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The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Remember, Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda? The best trio of friends that you wish you knew in real life! Join Lizzie during her summer break as she heads off to Rome on a school-sponsored class trip. Once in Rome, Lizzie ends up meeting musical sensation Paolo whose duet partner looks just like her. Lizzie lands in a pickle when she has to take the stage with Paolo but things don’t go according to plan. If you were obsessed with coming home after school to turn on the latest of the Lizzie McGuire t.v show you know you’d want to relive it all by watching this film.


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A Goofy Movie

Goofy, the close friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald the Duck, tries to navigate being a parent to his teenage son, Max. Just like any other teen his age, Max wants nothing to do with his dad or his embarrassing antics. After a small school prank leads Max in trouble with the principal, Goofy intervenes and takes his son on a fishing trip believing the two will bond just like his dad did with him at Max’s age. A goofy movie is a light-hearted film that is relatable to all viewers who had to navigate the treacherous sea of teenage angst and first love. 

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Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zetus Lupetus! You’ll want to zoom zoom zoom over to Disney Plus to rewatch this film. Disney channel original movies are made-for-television movies specifically catering to children and teens and now with Disney Plus, adults who were once those kids. See Raven Symone rocking hair slinkies while trying to keep her best friend Zenon, out of trouble from saving the whole space station she and her family live on. 

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The Rescuers 

Sit-down and watch as Ms. Bianca and Mr. Bernard, two mice that are members of the Rescue Aid Society, go on an adventure to save Penny-the orphan, from the clutches of the evil Madame Medusa. Madame Medusa is a treasure hunter looking for the largest diamond, the Devil’s Eye, and kidnaps Penny to do her bidding. Luckily, Ms. Bianca and Mr. Bernard are there to help save the day.

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The Muppet’s Treasure Island

Watch as Kermit, Rizzo the Rat and the rest of the Muppets head out on a quest to find some buried treasure. Tim Curry stars as the twisted Long John Silver who befriends a young Jim Hawkins and accompanies him to a mysterious Island. If you enjoyed sing-alongs as a child you’ll need to re-watch this one. 

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The Parent Trap

Before Lindsey Lohan was famous, she starred in this Disney Reboot of The Parent Trap. Annie and Hallie are two strangers who meet at summer camp and realized they are each other’s long lost twin, played by Lohan. Their divorce parents each took custody of one twin who happened to live on opposite ends of the globe. Hallie and Annie have the brilliant idea to switch places and meet the parent they have always missed and try to get their parents back together. Whether you remember hating the vile Meredith Blake or enjoyed the musical interludes of “Here Comes The Sun” or “L-O-V-E” this is the family movie will forever be most cherished!

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The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a classic boy meets girl story with a twist. Ariel is obsessed with the human world and wonders what life with legs could be like. She ends up saving her very own prince charming from a shipwreck and gets a taste of what life above the sea is like and must make the ultimate choice: her family or the guy. With Disney producing so many re-life action films of Disney’s beloved animated classics, like The Little MermaidThe Lion King, and Aladdin you’ll want to go back and re-watch the originals available on Disney Plus. 

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Home Alone

Just in time for the holidays, Home Alone is now available to stream on Disney Plus. What was supposed to be a family vacation turned out to be a solo adventure for Kevin McCallister the youngest of the McCallister kids who is left behind at home while his family heads to Paris for Christmas. Kevin quickly realizes you have to be careful of what you wish for ’cause it may come true. All alone at home, Kevin’s excitement of total freedom comes to a halt once he has to defend his house from two con men. The value of family and the miracle of Christmas will re-open the world of forgotten childhood memories for any cinephilia. 

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This is just a small list compared to the ton of Disney home classics now available to watch on Disney Plus. Which ones are you the most excited to re-watch? Tell us below in the comment section!