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10 Travel Backpacks For Men To Buy Before Their Next Trip

10 Travel Backpacks For Men To Buy Before Their Next Trip

After reading a really great adventure book, you have been inspired to take up travelling. You spend many happy hours searching the internet for the best places to go in the world, and finally settle on visiting each of the major European countries. With this plan in mind, you begin to gather supplies for your trip. While packing your suitcase, you start to think of all the amazing places you’re going to go, like the ancient forests and steep mountains. Suddenly, you realize that you aren’t packing the right stuff for a vacation of that sort. You’re going to need to choose between many travel backpacks which can provide you with everything you may need while exploring the world. 

Loowoko Hiking Backpack

As you’re looking at different travel backpacks, you come across a brand named ‘Lookwoko’. It’s a bit of an odd name, but you find that appealing in a strange way, so you decide to check them out. One backpack in particular catches your eye: the 50L. You’ve never seen a backpack like this before since your only experience has been with bags designed for school. Immediately impressed, you check to see what it offers hikers such as yourself. Apparently, the verticality of the backpack improves the weight distribution across your back, making it easier to go long distances.

Loowoko travel backpack


YOREPEK Travel Backpacks

Of course, there’s also the travel backpacks from YOREPEK that you previously glanced at. This bag looks more like the kind you’re used to, although it’s perhaps a little wider than any you’ve owned before. You consider first impressions to be a huge factor in determining whether you like something, and this backpack definitely succeeds at that. The bag is pretty much all black, but tiny red flags over the bag serve to break up the monotony. One downside to this is that it may attract the attention of animals such as bulls if you’re planning to travel cross country. 

YOREPECK travel backpack

Pans Backpack

Named for the peaceful god of the forest, the travel backpacks which carry his name are sure to include everything you’ll need in your adventure through Europe. You like how there’s a water bottle included with the backpack, since the one you own is a little big and probably wouldn’t fit in any water bottle holder on a bag. The downside, however, is that the bottle appears to be a little less well made than your metal one, but that’s the price you pay for convenience. Next to the water bottle holder, on the front of the bag, is one of those stretchy cord things that you’ve never figured out the use of. Who knows, maybe you can use it as a string or something.


Pans travel backpack

Oakley Men’s Enduro

From the little you’ve seen of them, the Oakley travel backpacks remind you of the ones you had back in school. The main feature of this backpack that caught your eye was the VELCRO straps on the front of the bag. You have memories (which are just so-so in terms of fondness) of having to remove all the junk from the straps which would inevitably get caught in the rough material. This hassle quickly becomes your main concern as you consider buying this backpack. You suppose that, if you were really careful, you could avoid this problem, but that’s not a guarantee. 

Oakley men's enduro


Venture Pal

Woah! Look at these travel backpacks! They’re very bright backpacks, which can be both good and bad. The good part is that they immediately stand out to you and convey a lot of personality. The bad news, on the other hand, is that they may attract too much attention, either from thieves or animals. You could leave your backpack alone for one second and then come back to find it either missing or significantly lighter. Although, how often do people steal from brightly colored backpacks? You’ve never had it happen to you before, but you’re not sure if it happens often in Europe. 

Venture pal

Osprey Porter

The design of the Osprey travel backpacks is a little minimalist compared to the other ones you were looking at, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in your mind. Your only real requirement is that the bag you eventually buy not be poorly made. From the few pictures you’re looking at online, the backpack looks fairly well made, which is a good sign. The most interesting part of the backpack, and what originally caught your eye, was the fine material stretched over either side of the bag and held tight by two straps. You assume that it’s used as a makeshift tent cover.


Osprey porter

WITZMAN Men Travel Backpacks

You continue scrolling down the list of travel backpacks and quickly come to a very nice looking one. It’s not leather, at least you don’t think it is from looking at the pictures, but it kind of has that same appealing brown color. Actually, now that you’re observing it more closely, you can tell that there is an area of the bag that’s made of leather, but it seems it’s only there for appearances sake, and not because it adds anything important to the bag’s design (not counting the fact that it’s a small frontal pocket).

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FENGDONG Waterproof Backpack

As you’re looking at travel backpacks, a thought suddenly pops into your head: Are there any waterproof backpacks? After a quick search, you find out that, yes, there are some. Out of the first few that you see, you click on one that is colored dark blue, which you think fits perfectly with the waterproof aspect of the bag. Besides being waterproof, the bag also includes many straps and pockets that are perfect for hanging and stowing important items for your trip. Also, this being a traditional type of backpack, a water bottle holder is also included on the side.

FENGDONG Waterproof backpack


DIGBUG Military Tactical Backpack

You know, you’ve never considered it before, but the travel backpacks that the military uses are probably really good, so it would definitely be a good idea to at least check out some bags that are based on the official ones the Army uses. It doesn’t take too long at all to find what you’re looking for, as apparently the idea you just had is a very popular one. You click on a military backpack and instantly see the American flag printed on the front of the bag in a tasteful way. In addition to this, the bag is designed with many straps, many of which seem like they’re only there for appearances. 

DIGBUG military backpack

KAKA Travel Backpacks

A little tired from searching Amazon in search of travel backpacks, you decide to look at one more before coming to a decision. The last bag you find is vertical like some of the previous ones you’ve looked at, but this backpack seems to be more square shaped than the others. That will obviously make it easier for it to stand up when on the ground, but will it still be comfortable to carry around on your back? The designers of this bag must’ve had this thought in mind, for they have included a small picture showing the many advantages to this specially created bag. 


KAKA travel backpack

Have you ever gone on a long adventurous trip where you needed to bring along a travel backpack? Which one did you decide on? Let me know in the comments below!