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10 Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Trip

10 Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Trip

If you're getting ready for your next trip, make sure you download these ten travel apps. They're sure to make your life easier while traveling!

Traveling can be quite tricky, but thanks to technology there are tons of apps that can help make traveling a breeze! Here is the top 10 travel apps to help make your next vacay as perfect as can be.

1. Yelp

Finding food in a new place can be daunting and leave you with so many options. Yelp is perfect and ranks all the different restaurants by ratings and can filter by prices! Perfect to find a cheap, super yummy meal.

2. Google Maps

If you don’t use Google Maps, you totally should! Not only will it give you driving and walking directions, but Google Maps also integrates public transportation and trains. So if your next vacay takes you to a huge metropolitan area this app is a must!




Sometimes taxis can be extremely expensive and a little unsettling. But UBER is the perfect alternative to this. Just link the app to your credit card, and you are good to go. You never need to handle any money or exchange anything with the driver! And there are UBER drivers everywhere so it works for any vacation.

4. Airline Apps

Pretty much every single airlines has an app. If your vacay includes flying this can save you tons of time! This can act as your boarding pass (you wont have to wait to get it printed), and keep you updated on all of your flight information, making flying a breeze!


5. Google Translate

This can be a lifesaver if your travels take you out of country. Just speak what you want to say in English and Google Translate will change it into any language. It also works the other way around, so you will be golden on your worldly adventures!

6. Kayak

Kayak will help you find all the cheapest options, from hotels, to flights, and even rental cars! It’s a perfect app to make sure your travels stay within that poor-college-student budget.



7. PackPoint

This app can be extremely helpful before your trip. Packing can be super hard, but what if the list was already made for you? PackPoint will look at the duration and location(s) of your next trip and build a packing list for you!

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8. Circa

If you are traveling to multiple places, or even if you are just taking an extended vacation to a different time zone, Circa is perfect for you! This app will track as many time zones as you wish and will even show you the over lapping hours of when someone in each time zone would be awake!


9. Wolfram Sun Exposure

Tanning? There’s an app for that! This app allows you to see when the best (and worst) times to lay out in the sun will be based on your skin type! This can be a serious lifesaver!

10. Dark Sky

Sometimes the standard weather app just isn’t enough. Dark Sky can give you down to the minute weather predictions based on radar data. It can even send you notifications of extreme weather or when that next drizzle will start!

Traveling can be a little stressful sometimes, but with the help of these travel apps your next trip should run as smooth as ever!

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