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How to Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

How to Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

The skies are clearing, temperatures are rising, and you can feel spring in the air. The only thing missing? A new wardrobe to do away with those winter blues! Since a new wardrobe on a college budget is unfeasible, we’ve put together a few tips on how to easily and efficiently transition your wardrobe from winter to spring!


The key to bringing over some of the essentials of winter to spring is layering. Incorporating layers into your outfit is the perfect way to transition from chilly morning air, to sunny afternoons, to a night out with friends. A great way to do this is to mix those bright florals you’ve been dying to bust out with a warm winter flannel to cover up.

Keep the leather jacket.

But leave those leather pants in the closet for next winter. A leather jacket is an excellent way to add some edge to any outfit, and can be paired with virtually everything – from dresses to rompers to shorts.


Don’t put away your booties.

Know those booties you’ve been rocking all winter? It isn’t quite time to put them away just yet. Whether you pair them with a cute skirt or some shorts and over the knee socks, these booties will stay strong in the fashion game from winter to spring!

Add a pop of color.

Time to cast off those winter blues! Put away the drab blacks and grays of winter and don’t be afraid to add some color. Welcome in the sunny days with a bright yellow sweater and a pair of old boyfriend jeans for the perfect spring outfit.

Go the DIY route.

Have an old pair of jeans from the winter that you don’t wear anymore? A great way to transition them from winter to spring is to upcycle them into shorts!


Crop away.

A great way to recycle winter clothes is to “crop” or cuff. Whether it is cuffing your favorite pair of old jeans, or rolling up the sleeves of an acid wash oxford, cropping or cuffing winter essentials prolongs their life span well into spring.

Choose bold accessories.

Bold accessories help bring in a pop of color into any outfit to welcome in spring. Pair a statement necklace or some bright scarves against chunky sweaters to bring those cold weather basics from winter to spring.

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Your wardrobe doesn’t stop with your clothes. Put those big heavy boots you’ve been living in all winter to rest and consider adding in sandals or colorful shoes to your regular outfits.

Add in some sparkle.

Nothing updates a wardrobe from winter to spring more than a bit of sparkle. Add some shine with a statement necklace, a pair of earrings, or a colorful headband in order to jazz up any winter staple.

Hold a clothing swap party.

A great way to replenish your spring clothes is to swap out old, well-loved clothes with some friends – it’s like getting a whole new wardrobe…for free!


Splurge on the Essentials

Finally, the best way to make sure your wardrobe is ready for spring is to splurge on a few key essentials. Buy that new spring dress, or that cute top that goes with literally everything you own, and you’ll be looking stylish all spring!
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