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10 Traits Of An English Major

10 Traits Of An English Major

There are certain traits that a typical English major will have. From wittiness to originality, these are the 10 most common traits an English student has!

We all know an English major – or maybe we’re this one ourselves – that fits a certain persona of airy, imaginative energy. They show up in your History of Shakespeare class and writing workshops, breezing through every lecture like they were born to study literature. Of course, English majors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, brains and minds, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share a similarity or two. These are the 10 typical traits an English major will have!

1. Creativity

This is a no-brainer, right? Whether one is a writer of creative fiction or scientific research, we still need to be able to write in a way that entices readers and forms a comprehensive body of work. It’s not rocket science (even if it feels like it).

2. Originality

Writing is nothing if it isn’t our own.


3. Procrastination

Okay, okay, not every English major procrastinates like the stereotype might suggest – but there’s no harm in admitting that it happens sometimes. Hey, that season of The Office isn’t going to rewatch itself, is it?

4. Independence

Writing requires a certain reliance on the ability to complete a solitary project alone oftentimes.

5. Argumentativeness

It’s common knowledge that every excellent essay needs a foundation of facts.


6. Perseverance

Being an English major is a tough practice. Sure, maybe we’re not pre-med or quantum physics – but English still requires discipline just the same. Seeing an essay or project through until the very end

7. Inventiveness

For some of us, story-telling comes naturally. For others, it takes a little bit of brain-power to get a plot going. Either way, the ability to be inventive is an excellent trait to have.

8. Dreamful (find similar word)

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming in the middle of a lecture? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – in fact, this trait is pretty universal.

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9. Wittiness

That dry humor doesn’t make its way into our work without being present in our own day-to-day language.

10. Dynamicity

Of course, every person is a complicated bundle of cells and nerves, heart and emotions.


No matter your major, college should be an adventure. For those of us who are English majors, it’s a time to tone our talents and craft as we discover the path we want to take in our own lives as well as the literary world. It’s also a time to discover yourself! So don’t worry too much about fitting certain personas – just go out there and have fun.

Are you can English major with more traits to add?! Share in the comments below!

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