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5 Train Trips to Take Around Europe

5 Train Trips to Take Around Europe

5 Train Trips to Take Around Europe

Travelling Europe can be tough, especially when you want to go to different countries with no type of planned transportation other than flying (which can be pretty expensive). That’s why trains are probably the best possible way to travel the continent, especially when you can get great deals and see way more of the countries than you could ever plan. Plus, the views on a train? Way better than the views from a plane. Just saying.

But realistically, with different networks of trains, it can be tough to find a good train pass. That’s why we compiled a list of five different train trips to take, courtesy of Rail Europe (where you can find way more trips, by the way). Because how else could you visit nine countries in one trip?

1. Balkan Railway

This train pass takes you all around the Balkans on a netwrok of national rail companies, with the completely freedom to take multiple train journeys a day, and to hope on whenever you want. The specific stations are in Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, The Serbian Entity of Bosnia Herzegovina, and Turkey! There’s no better way to travel this many countries than on a beautiful, country side train. The full pass costs around $103-152 USD depending on the amount of days you want to travel.


2. Central Europe Triangle

Going through the Central Europe “triangle” that makes up Budapest, Prague, Salzburg, and Vienna, you’re allowed to choose to either go to Budapest or Salzburg, always starting in Vienna. You’re also allowed to start your trip whenever you want (this pass has incredible flexibility in the different cities). The full pass costs around $141 USD.


3. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

This train pass takes you into the most famous European mountain, the Matterhorn, and into an icey paradise. Including a round trip to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise from Zermatt, this trip includes entrance through an ice tunnel into the glacier palace, where you can find ice statues, a panoramic window for viewing of Breithorn and Theodul glaciers, a playground slide through a glacier and the option to walk through a glacier crevasse on your return.

Plus, you also get access to multiple viewing platforms on the train to see the Swiss, Italian and French Alps anytime you’d like. The full pass costs around $116-130 USD depending on which season you want to travel in.

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4. The Omnia Vatican and Rome

This train pass is probably the best possible way to travel Italy’s history. Explore Rome and the Vatican City with the price of your train pass including entry and fast-track entrance to the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica, as well as two out of five possible attractions in Rome, like the Colosseum. The full pass costs $139 USD, and is a hop-on, hop-off type of trip.

5. Train Montreux

Last but definitely not least, this train pass takes you through Switzerland, with the ability to choose your start and end destinations. The trip takes you through out the Swiss countryside to some of their trendiest cities, ending in Montreux, which is Switzerland’s music capital.


Plus, with a stop in (no we’re not joking) Broc, where you’ll find the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory and a stop in Gruyères – home to its famed eponymous cheese – you can’t go wrong. Cause that totally sounds sweet, right? The full pass cost varies from where you pick the train from (there are a lot of options, with central cities like Milan), but is around $80-150 USD.

Have you ever taken any of these trips? Would you? Let us know in the comments below!

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