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10 Toys To Spice Up Your Sex Life

10 Toys To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex toys. Yup. I said it.



“Normal” society finds this a taboo subject. Nobody talks about their sex lives outside of the bedroom, right?


More and more couples are opening up about their sex lives to their friends and those they trust. This, really, should be the norm. There is no reason for us to be ashamed of our sex lives. It’s a natural act between two consenting adults.

As sex becomes more and more of an open topic, items like toys start becoming the norm as well. Toys can help enhance our sexual enjoyment with our partners by helping us tease them, push them to their pleasurable limits and even help push them past what they thought were their limits (as long as they consent!!).

Every couple is different. Some are comfortable introducing some type of toy, and others just aren’t. And that’s ok. Talk to your partner. Have an open discussion on whether you’d be willing to bring a toy into the bedroom. If they’re open to it, discuss what type and how far they’re willing to go.  Then, take a look at these 10 toys to bring your sex life to the next level.

Partner Multifun 1 Vibrator

This toy brings in three of the best toys for couples into one single piece. (Much easier to keep hidden from the littles, if you have them!)

This is a G-spot stimulator, cock ring, and a clit vibe all in one. There are so many ways that you can use this with your partner to explore and spark your sexual curiosity. With up to 100 different vibration/setup combos, this toy promises hours of entertainment for both you AND your partner!

Partner Whale

Another vibrator for couples. This curved toy has two motors and is meant to give both of you pleasure at the same time.

Place the thinner side of the toy inside the vagina, it targets the G-spot, while massaging your penetrating partner at the same time, and the thicker part goes on the outside, lying directly on the clit.

There are three vibration intensities and seven rhythms to help bring you both incredibly powerful climaxes.

Le Wand Pleasure Set Bundle

Unarguably the most expensive of the sex toys on this list, don’t let them scare you aware. This kit has all the toys that you’ll want for a full night of fun. Instead of having to sort through the many options that are out there, and buying them each individually, give this one time expense a shot! It has EVERYTHING!

This toy can be used either alone or with a partner.  Tease your partner by making them watch you play alone for a while before adding an attachment to play with them. It features stimulation everywhere, including the clitoris, G-Spot, and anal penetration.

Ultimate Lovers’ Bundle

This bundle is significantly cheaper than the last in case you’re still riding that fence about whether or not to bring toys in but don’t know where to start. This option includes a finger vibrator, a vibrating love ring, massage essentials, and scratch cards.

10 Toys To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Door Jam Cuffs

These are fabulous sex toys for those who enjoy bondage but have nowhere to tie regular handcuffs. These are for over the door and leave the tied-up partner standing up, instead of laying down, allowing for new positions to be tried. Less likely to cause damage than regular cuffs, these are perfect for those who want to give this type of toy a try for the first time.

Sex Sling

Let’s just start off by saying that you need to find a sturdy place to hang this. Few things are less sexy than being in the middle of some fabulous sex with your partner and having the damn thing fall!  While it’ll give you a memorable laugh, it can definitely ruin the mood for both of you.

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A swing allows damn near every angle you can imagine, so let it run free and have some fun with your partner!

10 Toys To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Fin Vibrator for Fingers

This little vibrator is ah-mazing. It’s the perfect size to fit your pointer finger and give out some serious vibes! It can be used solo or for a little extra clitoral stimulation while your partner is thrusting in and out.

We-Vibe Moxie

This is probably my favorite of all sex toys.

This vibrator sticks inside your under with a magnetic clip and comes with a remote. It’s incredibly quiet so you can play discreetly even in public. You can give your partner the remote, or have them download the app. They can press the button to set it off anytime they want. Sending you into oblivion at their discretion. Not knowing when it’s going to be switched on can be an incredible turn on.


This toy is a game-changer. For those who struggle with painful sex, this is for you. Painful sex can be caused by a number of things, including giving birth, endometriosis and even doggy style that just doesn’t sit right with your cervix.

Use these stackable rings with your partner to ensure that they’re not entering too deep and hurting you. Sex should be enjoyable and with these, both parties get the pleasure they deserve without having to sacrifice pain or pleasure.

10 Toys To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Iroha Midori Vibrator

Hardly looks like a vibrator, right? While this toy looks more like a stress ball than a sex toy, don’t underestimate it! It provides a variety of vibration intensities and patterns. Use it together to learn what really gets both you and your partner going. It’s gentle enough that it can be used all over the body, so don’t use it just on genitals. Experiment with the different vibration intensities all over each others bodies to really decide what gets you going.

Are there any sex toys that you enjoy with your partner? Will you be trying any of the ones here? If so, let us know in the comments!

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