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10 Tourist Traps In Chicago To Not Fall For

10 Tourist Traps In Chicago To Not Fall For

10 Tourist Traps In Chicago To Not Fall For

Chicago is definitely a city that should be on everyone’s bucket list. The city is always bustling and offers great day time and night time activities year round. In a city where there is a lot of great things to do make sure you don’t fall for these 10 tourist traps in Chicago.

The Willis Tower

Originally known as the Sears Tower, this attraction is on everyone’s list solely for one thing…the Instagram picture. The Skydeck allows visitors to stand on The Ledge, where they stand on a see-through floor and are looking down on the city. While it might sound intriguing, the lines and price on its own are enough to have it make this list.

10 Tourist Traps In Chicago To Not Fall For

Navy Pier

The park itself can be nice during the summer but there aren’t enough activities to justify visiting on your trip. It is essentially a pier of overpriced restaurants and souvenir shops. Winter Fest is the exception, as the Christmas lights add a nice flare but, in the summer, that magic is gone. Navy Pier is a great destination if you are boarding one of the cruise ships that dock at the pier. If not, then not worth the trip.

10 Tourist Traps In Chicago To Not Fall For

Giordano’s Deep-Dish Pizza

Yes Chicago is famous for deep dish pizza but don’t only go to the popular name brand restaurants. Avoid falling into the tourist trap and skip Giordano’s. Instead try Pequod’s Pizza, a more authentic Chicago deep dish pizza experience.

The Tilt at 360 Chicago

This supposed to be thrilling experience comes at a cost that can buy you a great dinner instead. Avoid this tourist trap in Chicago where you step on a platform that will tilt 45 degrees out of the building over the Magnificent Mile. This “great view” of the city will cost you twenty-five bucks.

10 Tourist Traps In Chicago To Not Fall For

The Magnificent Mile

You don’t really need to see it in person or from The Tilt to be honest. It is a This luxury shopping street is usually overcrowded and has stores that you can find at other malls. Forever 21 and H&M are scattered between high-end brands such a Gucci and Chanel. There is nothing on the Magnificent Mile that you wouldn’t be able to buy another time, so save that money and spend it on an experience instead of an item.

10 Tourist Traps In Chicago To Not Fall For

The Bean

This tourist trap in Chicago is extremely famous. For what? Not entirely sure, but people do flock to it in the hundreds to take bad selfies and pictures. Skip this on your visit, take it from a local.

10 Tourist Traps In Chicago To Not Fall For

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Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s

It’s a McDonalds so there is nothing on the menu that you wouldn’t find at a different one. Skip it.

Taste of Chicago

The tickets are overpriced and it usually takes place during the hottest season in Chicago.

10 Tourist Traps In Chicago To Not Fall For

North Avenue Beach

This narrow piece of beach is a headache for locals as it tends to be overpacked during the summer. There are plenty of other beaches as Chicago is on Lake Michigan. Spread out and enjoy some calmer sands.

The Hard Rock Café

This tourist trap in Chicago is nothing special. There is one in just about every big city so there is nothing that you couldn’t get somewhere else. Spend your time in Chicago at more local bars, really getting a feel for the city and the locals.

Skip these tourist traps in Chicago and swap them out for more authentic experience that will give you a better overall feel for our city. Experience the locals, the hole in the walls, and the real authentic food on your next visit for all that Chicago really has to offer.

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