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8 Tourist Attractions In Denver That You’ll Actually Enjoy

The mile high city is a place worth visiting at least once. The high altitude location provides lovely views of the mountains and offers a gorgeous downtown area. Plus the city itself is super close to some of the best outdoors in the United States. You can quickly find hikes nearby or go climbing somewhere close. If you’d prefer less adventurous attractions, there’s still plenty to do in Denver. Getting to your destination is easy too. Thanks to the lightrail and Uber you can also catch a ride to pretty much almost anywhere in the city.

Is it really any wonder that Denver is a growing to become a popular tourist destination in the United States these days? The city is full of fun things to do, and you can easily access outdoor activities here. There’s plenty of exciting attractions here. Of course, admittedly some tourist attractions are better than others. If you’re only in Denver for a short trip, you’ll want to spend your time wisely. Luckily you don’t have to spend time researching which tourist attractions to skip in Denver and which you must go to today. This list will help you determine which attractions are actually worth it.  Here are 8 tourist attractions in Denver that you’ll actually enjoy!

1. Botanic Gardens

This large sprawling garden is one of the most beautiful places in Denver. There are a variety of plants here to look at from desert cactus to tropical flowers. The garden is basically a theme park for flowers because there are so many different areas. There’s even a huge greenhouse that allows jungle plants to survive in Denver. Even if you’re not too keen on botany, you’ll still find the place enjoyable as there as plenty to do such as visiting the pyramid shaped building offering science themed activities or seeing the gorgeous glass structure titled “Colorado”.

2. Denver Art Museum

You might not think of Denver as being home to artists and art lovers, but you’d be wrong. The art museum is proof that art appreciation is alive and well in the mile high city. The large art museum offers many places to explore and the temporary exhibits are always a delight. Pass exhibits include Star Wars costumes and theater set inspired art. The collections are also great, you can check out anything from European to African art.

3. Union Station

The beautiful train station is located in downtown Denver and you should visit regardless of whether or not you need to catch a train. Nestled near some of downtown Denver’s best restaurants and stores, you can visit the indoor building of Union Station which is definitely a treat. Aside from offering numerous shops inside, there’s also a hotel and the decor is something to behold. You can get brunch at Snooze here, or snag an ice cream at Ice Box. Or even you leave with your pockets full, you’ll still find just lounging in the area interesting. 

4. Tattered Cover

After exploring Union Station you’ll want to head to Tattered Cover which is just down the street. Here you’ll find a large book selection located inside a nice building. There is a quiet reading area here and also a cafe. It’s like your large bookstore at home except with a way better atmosphere. Plus store workers tape notes on books with recommendations, so finding a good read won’t be hard here.

5. Coors Baseball Field

The large baseball field is has hosted numerous MLB games, but even if you could care less about baseball you should still visit. The field has a nostalgic feel to it and looks especially interesting at night. You could catch a Baseball game here, or if you’re not interested in seeing a game you can schedule a tour.

6. Denver Zoo

Having over 600 species here, there is a lot to do at this city zoo. You can see anything from reptiles to fish here, so it’s definitely worth a visit. You can also take the Pioneer train, which offers a trip around the zoo.

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7. Red Rocks Amphitheater

The red rocks amphitheater is huge and beautiful, so it’s no wonder it made the list. A theater made out of rocks, it is gorgeous to look at. You can likely find a concert here to see but even if you can’t, just going to the theater is an experience. You can walk up the amphitheater or take a scenic hike in the nearby area.

8. Little Man Ice Cream

You can get some of the best fresh ice cream here. As an outdoor ice cream shop, the place offers some of the best ice cream in Denver. You can get numerous flavors here and the atmosphere is relaxing.

Are there any other tourist attractions in Denver you’ll actually enjoy? Comment below and tell us!

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