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10 Totally Trendy Summer Hairstyles

10 Totally Trendy Summer Hairstyles


Warm weather means finding summer hairstyles that are both trendy and perfect for keeping your head and neck cool. You’ll want a hairstyle that is good for any summer activity whether it be a trip to the zoo, the beach, or a picnic in the park. These 10 summer hairstyles are totally trendy and easy to do.

1. Loose Braid

The loose braid is a great summer hairstyle because of its lack of structure. You can throw this braid up in the morning and let it casually fall out throughout the day to make a perfect loose braid. It’s also perfect for showing off those tops with strappy or interesting backs.


2. Braided Ponytail

This is a twist on the classic high ponytail. Separate the top sections of your hair and french braid small sections. This hairstyle looks great with natural, straight, or curly hair and you can even continue one or more of the braids into the ponytail.

3. Scarf-tied Ponytail

This is the perfect hairstyle to put on your list of summer hairstyles, especially if you’re looking for something super quick but still trendy. You can find a scarf like this one at just about any thrift store in your area. For this one, just make a regular low pony and then spice it up with the scarf of your choice.

4. Twisted Space Buns

Space buns are back and better than ever, which is why this should be at the top of your summer hairstyle list. These little buns are totally trendy and perfect for a beach to dinner look. They pair perfectly with any cute summer outfit and the twists make them super unique.


5. Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid is just the opposite of a regular french braid. Instead of braiding each stand over the previous, you braid the strands under each other. This makes the braid pop out and creates the reverse look. This hairstyle keeps the hair completely away from your face on a hot summer day.

6. Half-up Top Knot

Not everyone can rock the half-up top knot, but those who can rock it well. Change up the popular hairstyle with a french braid leading into the knot. This hairstyle is perfect for when you’re going in and out of buildings because the hair isn’t completely off your neck, but it’s out of your face.


7. Half Braided Pigtails

Pigtails are also making a comeback, so make sure to add this one to your summer hairstyles list. Instead of completely braiding your pigtails, tie them off at the bottom of your hairline and let the rest fall naturally. This hairstyle is the cutest when your hair is curly or wavy.

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8. Messy Bun and Headband

This hairstyle is for those girls who just don’t have time to actually style their hair in the morning, which is something I think everyone can relate to. You can find a cute headband like this one at just about any retail store, but I like these from LexiLou because $1 from each purchase is donated to a different charity each month.


9. Top Knot

This summer hairstyle is the regular old top knot, but there can’t be a summer hairstyles list without it. You could create this with a scrunchie, a regular ponytail, or just about anything else to make it uniquely you. Most likely, you will have to redo this one a couple times throughout the day but it’s so easy that it’s worth it.

10. Half-up Half-down

This half-up-half-down hairstyle is another one that works for just about anyone. It’s a great way to keep the hair out of your face while still having it look long and voluminous. You will be set to travel from the beach to your dinner destination.


Summer hairstyles can be both trendy and practical. Which are you going to rock this summer? Comment below!

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