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20 Toronto Slang Words You Need To Know

20 Toronto Slang Words You Need To Know

Toronto slang words are sometimes hard to understand. Here are 20 slang words you should know next time you're in Toronto or the 6ix.

Toronto, let alone Canadians, have their own slang that’s hard to keep up with, eh?! Here are 20 Toronto slang words you need to know if you wanna be considered a beaut in their eyes. Lets send it!

1. The 6 or The 6ix

Another way of saying Toronto. After all, this article is about the different slang used in the 6ix!

Example: Dude, I can’t wait to go home to the 6ix.


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2. Fom or Fam

A compliment that expresses a level of closeness; usually in reference to friends.

Example: My fam and I had a serious preeing sesh before we hit the clubs.


3. Lit

Extremely entertaining.

Example: The city with the greatest slang is Toronto and it is seriously lit.


4. Wagwun

Another way of saying “what’s going on.”

Example: Wagwun fam?! We doing anything lit tonight? By the way Toronto has the best slang.

5. Cyattie

A word used to describe a girl who is an attention whore or loud and obnoxious.


Example: That cyattie needs to low-key chill out with the excessive Toronto slang.

6. Beaut or Rocket

Used to describe a girl who is attractive/hot/beautiful.

Example: All hockey players need to stop commenting on her Instagram that she’s such a rocket.


7. Two-Two’s

Unexpectedly or quickly. Obviously.

Example: Two-twos everyone in Toronto knows we’ve got the best slang words.


8. Bare

Something abundant or excessive.

Example: I was bare tired after throwing out all these Toronto slang words.

9. Marved



Example: I’m marved after wheeling that chick at dinner.

10. Sus

Shady or lame.


Example: Hockey players are sus as fuck when stalking rockets on Instagram.

11. Wheeling

The act of flirting or pursuing someone; attempting to pick up some rocket.

Example: Are Mike and Jessica dating? Nah, he’s just wheeling her.


12. Cheesed

Irritated, annoyed or angry.

Example: That cyattie was low-key cheesed when she found out he was wheeling her.


13. Nize or Nize Up


Example: Told the cyattie that she needed to nize up with the Toronto lingo.

14. Steeze



Example: Dude, look at that rocket. She has serious steeze with that toque.

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15. Sav

Someone whose a savage; doesn’t care about consequences and lives for the thrill.

Example: This kid is such a sav. He reps the 6ix when wheeling rockets.


16. Beat

Ugly or unattractive.

Example: I don’t think anyone can say Sydney Crosby is beat. That guy is such a beaut.

17. Two-Four

This Toronto slang word is used to refer to a case of 24 beers.


Example: The fam needs to stock up on two-fours for the pre so we can be cheesin for the entire night.

18. Preeing


Example: We better be preeing by 8 a.m. on Canada day, eh! We gotta be sending it.


19. Timmies

This popular Toronto lingo is short for none other than Tim Hortons.

Example: Dude, lets grab a bunch of Timmies for the roady eh?


20. Tru

Used to affirm a statement. The more “u’s” used, the greater the emphasis. Don’t be annoying and add 15 “u’s.”

Example: Truuuuuuuuu dude, Toronto slang is seriously lit.

Know any other Toronto slang? Comment below!
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