5 Topics To Talk About On A First Date

You have an upcoming date on the horizon and you’re nervous about how it’s going to be. First dates can always be tricky, especially if you don’t know the person that well. But no need to fear. Here are 5 topics that will keep your date conversation flowing in the right direction!

1. Hometown

You should definitely start out by talking about where you’re from. This is the place that created who you are today. Therefore you should communicate with your date the special features of the place your hometown to get across where you came from and how that shaped the person you are today. While sometimes dates may come from entirely different backgrounds, it is important to share where you come from. You may have grown up in a small beach town and they may have grown up in the city, but the variation creates unique points of conversation. It allows the other person to begin to fully understand who you are as an individual and vice versa.

5 Topics To Talk About On A First Date

2. Current Show You’re Streaming

Almost everyone is binge watching a show at the current moment or has done so fairly recently. It might be to try and catch up for the final season of “Game of Thrones”, to be horrified but yet utterly intrigued by “The Handmaid’s Tale”, or to finally figure out Nick and Jess’s fate on the final season of “New Girl”, which was just recently added to Netflix. Either way, you’re bound to begin sharing details about your favorite show. Your date may be an unfortunate soul who was too late to jump off the “Game of Thrones” bandwagon or they could have been a fan from the very beginning. Either way, the conversation is bound to lead to endless avenues by discussing shows, as one series generally leads to the topic of another. Therefore, don’t be afraid to let your identity as a binge-watcher be known!

5 Topics To Talk About On A First Date

3. Music Taste

I have always said music is the eyes into the soul and who doesn’t love to talk about their taste in tunes. While having the exact same music taste is rare, it is important to have at least similar tune interests. Are they more lyrical or more about the beat? Is their style rooted in the past or obsessed with the newest technology in the business? Either way, whether it’s alternative, pop, rap or something else, you are bound to be able to talk for quite some time about music.

5 Topics To Talk About On A First Date

4. Career Aspirations

People love to talk about what they’re passionate about, so it would be smart to discuss what each of you are studying. Whether you are two computer science majors or a musician on a date with an engineer, it is important to state what your passions are. This not only communicates to the other person your life ambitions but also allows you to know the type of person that you could potentially be starting a relationship with. While you may not want to share your whole life plan and the same goes for your date, at least you can figure out what their interests may be in life and go about understanding how this adds to their character.

5 Topics To Talk About On A First Date

5. Pet Peeves

While you want your conversation to remain positive, there is nothing wrong with bringing up little daily things that drive you mad. This may seem a little unconventional, but odds are some of what annoys you annoys them too. From loud talkers to phone zombies, everyone has a pet peeve of some kind. This topic of conversation could provide some comic relief on the date. You may not want to spend too much time on the subject matter, due to the fact complaining creates a negative atmosphere. However, the topic shows a realness to your character in the sense that you are genuine and real. The material also provides a bit of comic relief in the date, and who doesn’t like to make others laugh or be laughing themselves.

5 Topics To Talk About On A First Date

Have some go-to topics on a first date? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

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