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Top Young Adult Books To Read This Winter

Top Young Adult Books To Read This Winter

These young adult books are the perfect thing to curl up with on a cold winter night. Here are our top young adult novels you need to read!

Winter is the best time to curl up with a good blanket and book. Not only do you stay warm but you also get to discover a whole new world without leaving the couch. Whether your into romance, fiction, or history these are the top young adult books to read this winter.

1. Opposite of Always

Do you remember your first love and breakup? Now what if they died and you had to witness that pain over and over again?

When Jack Ellison King met Kate at a party they bonded over their mutual love of Froot Loops and movies. Soon Kate is meeting everyone important in Jack’s life, and becoming apart of his life. Before the two can become more serious, Kate dies. This is where the story should end, but it’s just the beginning of their love affair.


Kate’s death sends Jack back to when the two first meant. Now he has the chance to save the girl he loves, but saving her could end in the death of another loved one. Join Jack as he has to decide what and who he has to let go to save those he loves. This is one of the best young adult books!

2. Since We Last Spoke

Aggi Frank and Max Granger have finally admitted their feelings to each other last December, and it felt like finally they would have their chance to be together.

The fantasy comes crumbling down when a car accident leaves their older siblings dead, and a restraining order placed between the two families. The bright love between the two simmers, and the chance to be happy is no longer possible.


However, the town of Plum Lake is small and the reunite at a house party. Leaving them to confront both their feelings for the other, and the feud between their families.

3. We Set the Dark on Fire

At the Medio School for Girls, young women from elite families are trained to take on either two roles in their society. Upon graduation the girls will either run their husband’s household or raise his children, both are a promise for a life of comfort and luxury. Daniela Vargas is the school’s top student, but she is keeping a secret that could undo all the progress she has made in this elite world.

When the chance of a happy marriage approaches, and rebellion on the rise will Daniela get her happily ever after? Find out in this young adult book to read this winter.

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4. The Black Coats

A secretive organization called the Black Coats have bee taking revenge against men who have hurt women for years. When Thea receives an invitation to join the organization she sees it as an opportunity to get justice for her cousin whose murderer still walks free.

Training with the other girls Thea begins to learn how to carry out Balancings-acts of revenge meant to teach a lesson. When the training takes a darker turn Thea begins to question if this is the right way to avenge her fallen cousin. The lines between justice and revenge blur together in this tale.


5. The Antidote

In the world dominated by healers there is no room for other forms of magic. That is until Fee’s best friend the crown prince Xavi falls sick. Now with little choice Fee must decide if she is ready to reveal the power that lies within her blood. Doing so will attract attention, not doing it means losing the only friend she has forever.

6. The Come Up

Sixteen-year-old Bri wants to become one of the greatest rappers that ever lived. As the daughter of a rapper who died before his song dropped, Bri has a lot to live up to. But now that her mom losing her job, and the family facing the threat of being homeless –its no longer about wanting to make it, she has to.

This list of top young adult books to read during the winter should satisfy all your book cravings. What are your favorite young adult books? Tell us in the comments!
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