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Top Yoga Retreats In The Country

Top Yoga Retreats In The Country

Top Yoga Retreats In The Country

Yoga retreats are an experience in which you get to spoil yourself in yoga. Retreats serve as a way to get in tuned more with your yoga practice while exploring a whole new scenery. What yoga retreats do is basically they allow you to reflect on what yoga means to you. For someone that practices yoga means that it has effected their lives in one way or another. Yoga retreats give you time to really get to the core of why yoga is a fundamental part of your daily activities.

Yoga retreats offer you a quiet space for journaling and meditation. When we are stuck in the routine of life we start to feel like everything is spiraling out of control and our emotions have control over us. This is an awful feeling that is both negative and destructive. There comes a time where you do not have control over your emotions and then you end up doing something you regret. It becomes really difficult to have an objective perspective on things when you can stuck in one place. Yoga retreats offer you that distance or mental boundary that will basically give you time and space to practice your yoga.

There are several yoga retreats in the country that can offer you the ideal yoga experience that you are seeking. Here are some of the best retreats in the country.

1. Yogaville – Satchidananda Ashram

This festival is perfect for someone who is looking for a scenic view of the country and plenty of nature around. This retreat was founded by Yogiraj Sri Swami Satchidananda is located in Buckingham County, Virginia. Virginia is a great location for someone that wants to get a good view of the East Coast.

Top Yoga Retreats In The Country

2. The Esalen Institute

If you are seeking to know more about yoga itself then “The Esalen Institute” would be a good option. This institute offers the opportunity to learn more about what spirituality means and connects it back to societal and philosophical values. You get to learn more about what is at the core of yoga and what are its teachings.

This institute is located in Big Sur, California which is the perfect place to enjoy hot weather and lots of sunshine.

Top Yoga Retreats In The Country

3. The Standard Spa

“The Standard Spa” is located in Miami Beach which is a gorgeous view because of the ocean. “The Standard Spa” offers a holistic approach to healing that is meant to unit the mind, body and spirit. Aside from this spa being a place where you can practice yoga you can also take some time to treat yourself. There are hotels, events and places where you can go eat something decent to eat.

Top Yoga Retreats In The Country

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4. The Yoga Lodge

“The Yoga Lodge” is located on Whidbey Island which is in Island County, Washington. What is so special about this yoga retreat is the is offers massage, t’ai chi, modern dance, musical and writing groups. This lodge is located in Greenbank, Washington and also is near water.

Top Yoga Retreats In The Country

5. Sedona Mago Retreat Center

“Sedona Mago Retreat Center” is a retreat center that works both with people and the environment. This retreat emphasizes more on spiritual awakening through natural healing. This process is unique because it incorporates yoga with the natural healing process.

This retreat is located in the lovely city of Sedona that has plenty of trees, rocky areas, as well as a quiet and tranquil view.

Top Yoga Retreats In The Country

Yoga retreats offer a great opportunity to get to know more about yoga while reflecting on what it means to you. Take time to attend one of these retreats and experience for yourself how beneficial yoga really is.

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