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Top Yoga Influencers To Follow

Top Yoga Influencers To Follow

Top Yoga Influencers To Follow

Yoga is the purest form of workout. It not only keeps your body healthy and active but also enriches your soul. It’s a way to connect with your spirit and bring peace into your life. However, every activity that pushes you to go out of your comfort zone, needs inspiration. If you don’t feel motivated to practice yoga from within, following these yoga influencers would do wonders.

Instagram is full of people posting body positive images, in front of a picturesque backdrop with highly uplifting words. There are so many yoga influencers whose posts reach right to your soul. Although, I understand that following each one is something nobody wants to do. Hence, I did the work and chose the top yoga influencers for you to follow and feel inspired.

1. Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl)

With over two million followers and seven thousand posts, Rachel Brathen is a proud creator of #yogaeverydamnday. She often posts gorgeous pictures of herself doing yoga poses but that’s not what makes her my top choice. It’s the caption she writes. Each post is filled with positivity and enthusiasm that encourages her followers to live life to the fullest. Apart from being a yoga influencer, she is a proud mother and an entrepreneur. You can find a lot of beautiful pictures of her daughter and her adorable ways of practicing yoga with her mother.

Top yoga influencers to follow

2. Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl)

Beachyogagirl is known for her striking poses at the beach. Her dynamic personality enlightens the minds of her one million followers and inspires them to practice yoga each day. She also posts tutorial videos of various yoga poses, individual and group. Her effortless moves make some of the most difficult poses look comfortably doable. Kerri Verma is a yoga influencer whose passion is to help others become the best version of themselves.

top yoga influencers to follow

3. Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

I know so many people who suffer from body shaming every day of their life. I also know people who intentionally or unintentionally body shame. Although, there are not enough people who are able to inspire others through their own experiences of survival. Amongst my list of top yoga influencers are Jessamyn Stanley. She is a powerful yoga teacher based in North Carolina and has another page on Instagram called the @underbellyyoga. Her book, Every Body Yoga was released in 2017. Her powerful personality and stunning pictures motivate me every time I cross her profile.

top yoga influencers to follow

4. Kathryn Budig (@kathrynbudig)

An international yoga teacher and a successful fitness writer, Kathryn Budig is one of my favourite yoga influencers out there. When you’re on social media, you’re not only looking for serious, hard-hitting inspirational posts but something fun and quirky too. That’s what Kathryn’s followers love about her. The fact that she is all about food, yoga and cute pups, is what makes her Instagram feed a lot more interesting. She spends most of her time writing for Women’s Health Magazine, teaching yoga at festivals like Wanderlust and working on her project, Poses for Paws, a non-profit organization that raises money for animal shelters through yoga influencers to follow

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5. Caitlin Turner (@gysetgoddess)

Caitlin Turner is another yoga influencer whose posts are fun and full of positive energy. Her USP is that she loves to travel and click yoga photos in the most unusual places. Additionally, her yoga fashion sense is to die for! Her impeccable sense of dressing and her dynamic body structure is what makes her followers wait for her updates. Oh, and also because it’s always a surprise where her next post will be.

top yoga influencers to follow

6. Chelsea Jackson Roberts (@chelsealovesyoga)

Chelsea is a certified yoga instructor and considers herself to be the global ambassador of yoga. In 2013, she found a camp of teen girls at Spelman College which is all about yoga, literature and art. Her Instagram feed is full of interesting pictures of her teaching, practising and living yoga in its purest form. She indeed is one of my most favourites.

top yoga influencers to follow

Social media is full of crap, but it is also full of wonderful learnings. I hope you’re motivated to follow at least one of these influencers because I bet the positive change will change your life for better. Tell us who your favourite influencer is in the comments section below!

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