The Top Websites To Score Cheap Workout Clothes

Working out. The most exhilarating, mind clearing part of the day – or the most dreaded, anxiety inducing part of the day – either way, the fact is, it’s part of the day. For me, I love it; that euphoric high after an intense workout sesh – nothing beats it. However, I’m fully aware that many others don’t share my sense of passion for a heart pumping, sweat dripping hour filled with burpees and squat jumps. So instead of trying to relate to everyone about a love of fitness, there’s something else I’m pretty sure any gym goer can agree on – a love of cheap workout clothes.


If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve definitely noticed what all the latest fitness bloggers are sporting on their feeds. Those amazing leggings and sports bras that look awesome on everyone, yeah, that’s Gymshark. If you’re looking for workout apparel that not only looks good on, feels good on, but is also super affordable, you’ve found your go-to.


To be honest, I had no idea boohoo even sold fitness clothes, but boy am I glad that I know now. Chic styles and trendy patterns, boohoo’s category of cheap workout clothes will definitely be on the top of my shopping list from now on.


Amazon is a fantastic choice for fitness buffs who like to make a statement with their outfit. With an immense selection of tees and tanks, you are guaranteed to find your look and style at Amazon. Whether you want to let everyone know you’d much rather be chowing down on ice cream than doing sit-ups, or want to provide others with a boost of inspiration by sporting a motivational quote – Amazon has TONS of options for cheap workout clothes.

Forever 21

If you didn’t already know, Forever 21 now has an awesome section dedicated to cheap workout clothes. With all the latest trends in fitness fashion, and none of those overwhelming prices (I’m looking at you Lululemon), Forever 21 is a great destination for those fit fashionistas who don’t want to spend a fortune.



Old Navy

Old Navy, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated brands for cheap workout clothes! I seriously don’t understand how more people don’t know the incredible variety of comfortable, yet supportive workout pieces this store has to offer! Everything from colorful sports bras to intricately patterned leggings to cozy lounge wear, Old Navy has got it all.




Similar to Old Navy, Kohl’s also has tons of choices when it comes to cheap workout clothes. With name brand options at reasonable prices, you can shop at Kohl’s to snag those New Balance sneakers you’ve been eyeing, pick up a couple of fitspo tees to match those tie-dye leggings, and a even grab yoga mat…all in one fell swoop.



Dona Jo

Although on the pricier end of this cheap workout clothes list, Dona Jo’s price tags are by no means outrageous like many of its fitness clothing counterparts. The reasonably priced gear comes well equipped with high quality and high style. I particularly love this company for their awesomely modern leggings, but truly everything they sell is right up my alley.




A great brand for stocking up on basics – Uniqlo has a decent selection of tops and bottoms, particularly ideal for those looking for ridiculously comfortable athleisure outfits. I can attest to the comfort of their pieces – my Uniqlo sweats could quite possibly be one of the comfiest garments I own!



See Also

Nordstrom Rack

Another good choice for those looking to shop name brands but not drop the big bucks – Nordstrom Rack has got pieces from the brands you love at attractively discounted prices.



Charlotte Russe

It probably doesn’t come at much of a surprise that Charlotte Russe offers cheap workout clothes – this company is the epitome of affordable fashion. The fitness clothing options are slim, but super cute nonetheless. It seems as though the products sell out relatively quick, so act fast if you see something you like!




Oh Target, we meet again. My go-to store for literally everything, Target obviously has a wonderful section of cheap workout clothes. Always on top of the trends, they’ve got everything from graphic crop tops and vibrantly hued sports bras to basic mesh shorts and form fitting leggings.



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