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Top Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Place

Top Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Place

Top Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Place

There are some great top ways to maximize space in a small space if you’re living in or moving to a small place. If you’re looking at a smaller place to be more budget-friendly, have found a small space that matches your needs, or just found the right place near to work, school, or other places you like, there are some interesting things you can do to maximize the space you’re working with. Here are some of the top ways I have found to make a small place seem a lot bigger.

Wall Hanging

Anything that can be hung up on the walls or placed there can really make a big difference in how the space feels. Wall hangers are a great way to put up some of your clothes, scarfs, and even purses and packs without them being in the way or taking up any real space. These are a great option also if you have less closet space as is likely in a smaller place. Being able to place clothes and other hangable things somewhere other than your main closet can help you maximize the closet space given, including for other storage and hanging.

Wall hangers double-maximize the space in your small place in this way not only by allowing for hanging and storage without taking up any floor space themselves but free up more space for use in the closet. Not to mention wall hangers can add interest and beauty to your place depending on what hangers you choose.


There are color and texture as well as some artistic options I have seen for purchase. The one that I have even has a shelf with a doored space above, allowing for further storage of items, and the shelf can be used similarly for storage or decorations to further beautify. Wall-hanging things such as any TVs and music speakers can also be a nice space saver and depending on the arrangement, aesthetically pleasing. 

You can even hang plants and lights which can similarly be decorative as well as space-saving. I have found hung plants to be a really cute option to have in a home. Lights also, while sometimes being able to save space when they can be wall-hung as opposed to standing, can also give the added illusion of more space, which sometimes can be enough of an added bonus for their presence.


Shelving units can also help maximize space for you in almost any room in your place you wish to have more space. They can hold a lot of stuff you don’t feel you have the proper room and organization for. I especially like this option in the bathroom of a small place where there are a lot of items such as washing and hygiene products, beauty products, toilet paper, and even extra stock-ups.


These units take up little to no space, can be especially crafty when you are able to fit them around a toilet for example, and have the shelving above it, and can maximize your floor space. Items such as this can also allow you the opportunity to become more organized in general. There is more space for organizational dividers, containers, jars, and overall separation and dispersion of items.

Wall Storage

I have really learned the capabilities of even using walls further past hanging to the point of overall wall storage. Wall storage negates any potential floor space used, even past shelving units that may take up some space, while still admittedly very minimally. This makes wall storage an ultimate choice for space maximization as they not only allow you to maximize the floor space you have for other things but create more space themselves. 

Cubbies and cubes that attach to the wall can also be a really cute, trendy option, adding some interest to your walls and place, depending on how you organize and arrange them. Your color choices can also add interest when you are able to have and vary your colors. They can hold your books, CDs and DVDs, media players or equipment, among endless other options. 

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Under-Bed Storage

One of the greatest ways to maximize space is having a bed with enough space underneath so you can store things underneath it. Organization and tidiness can also come into play here if you have under-bed storage containers or actual matching under-bed storage units that act as large pull-out drawers underneath your bed. 

These can hold all extra clothing such as those that are out-of-season. This frees up your closet space for more relevant, in-season clothing with more space, making the pieces able to be more organized and arranged to your liking.



Appearances are everything, and with art and color choices this can definitely be so towards the goal of maximizing space. Light, bright, and/or contrasting colors used in art or on your walls can provide the illusion of more space, maximizing it in your mind. While color may not altogether actually provide more space, it provides enough of a concept of more space than what you are given, especially in contrast to darker, more similar tones, to be reasonably called a nice space-maximizer.


Excess clutter, old items, and downright unusable items you are holding onto for nostalgia, (or even admittedly some hoarding), can prevent you from properly maximizing space. A method for deciding whether or not something is actually valuable, necessary, or reasonably beloved is to look at it and if you have not used it in a long while, it’s broken, unhygienic, or does not bring joy, you may wish to consider parting with it. Stuff at the end of the day is just that.

These top ways to maximize space in a small space are some great ways to have more space that also leads to a greater organization, beauty, and interest in your home. You can decrease stress and really provide an ideal refuge and happy space. Let us know in the comments what you thought of these suggestions and how you like to maximize space.